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Breaking Up The Home: What To Do With The House

Men's Divorce Podcast

Cordell & Cordell Managing Partner/CEO Scott Trout is joined by Christina Strait, broker/owner of Strait Realty, and Tom Mueller, Vice President of Mortgage Lending for Central Bank of St. Louis, for a discussion concerning the various issues homeowners and sellers encounter when they go through divorce. The marital home is typically one of the most valuable assets a couple owns and divorce can create a host of complications.

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What Divorcing Couples Must Know About Their Home

Cordell & Cordell CEO and Co-founder Joseph CordellCordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell provided the Huffington Post with three ways to value the marital home in a divorce.

For many couples, the marital residence is the largest asset obtained during the marriage, writes Mr. Cordell. Whether you or your spouse wishes to retain the marital residence after the divorce, it is important that an accurate value is obtained for purposes of property division.

Read “Three Ways To Value Your Home In A Divorce” to ensure that a fair and accurate value for the property is obtained.

Breakovers allow divorced men to furnish homes

Marriages are all about compromise, even when it comes to decorating a home shared by each couple. But home decor can provide a form of therapy as divorcees attempt to move on, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

These home makeovers, dubbed “breakovers” by blogger Cat Larose, can provide men a chance to finally decorate their living spaces the way they want to without having to compromise on paint color, furniture and wall hangings.

Gordon Baxter, after splitting with his wife, was sure to hang the mounted trout caught by his father that his ex-wife hated over his fireplace. Baxter also remodeled the kitchen to his exact liking.

Some people, because of the financial toll a divorce can take, don’t have the money for a full blown overhaul of their homes. However, many people have found redemption in a paint brush.

“Paint color is often the first thing people change after a split,” Kathy Basil, a showroom manager for Hirshfield’s Design Resource, told the publication. “It’s relatively inexpensive yet can have a dramatic impact.”

Some celebrities can go a little more extreme with their breakovers. According to the Houston Chronicle, Maria Shriver recently bought a new home worth $10 million to help start her life after her split from husband Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger to keep home after divorce

Maria Shriver is packing her bags while Arnold Schwarzenegger will keep the couple’s Brentwood, California, home in the aftermath of their divorce, according to multiple reports.

While figuring who will keep the house is often a contentious part of a divorce settlement, both parties have reportedly been amicable. Shriver is purchasing a new $10 million home three miles away from Schwarzenegger in order to make the transition easier for their children.

Shriver filed for divorce from the former California governor early this month after 25 years of marriage. The proceedings began two months after allegations surfaced of Schwarzenegger’s affair with a household employee. In addition, Schwarzenegger fathered a child with the woman more than 10 years ago.

Shriver cited irreconcilable differences for the split and has reportedly requested custody of the pair’s two minor children Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 13.

The couple, who are worth an estimated $400 million, do not have prenuptial agreement. Under California’s Community Property law, their assets must be divided evenly during their split. However, RadarOnline reports that Schwarzenegger plans to give Shriver a “generous” settlement regardless of the state law.

Joseph Cordell on remaining in the marital home

“Moving out will never look good, even if you do so with honorable intentions to keep the peace or give her space.”

So says Joseph Cordell, principal partner of Cordell & Cordell, in an article for Cordell explained in his column why moving out of the marital home is one of “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce.

“By moving out without a court order and leaving the kids with the mother, your behavior speaks much louder than words,” Cordell wrote. (Read the full divorce article.) “Your behavior is telling the court that you and your wife have agreed that the children are better off in her care than yours. It’s then characterized that the man has other priorities or that he’s not capable of handling the kids.”

500,000 men face divorce each year and most will make irreversible mistakes, including moving out of the marital home.

Every example Cordell writes about in “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce” is from an actual case—and every piece of advice has been proven to work time and time again.

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