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Cordell & Cordell Opens Two New Offices In Georgia And Arizona

Cordell and Cordell New Offices

Cordell & Cordell is continuing its ongoing expansion by launching new offices in Cumming, Ga., and Chandler, Ariz. [Read more…]

Men’s Divorce School Seminars Planned For Dallas-Ft. Worth, Atlanta

Men's Divorce SchoolCordell & Cordell recently announced it is planning two more free Men’s Divorce School seminars in November in Atlanta and Dallas-Ft. Worth[Read more…]

Louisiana program helps fathers in need of child support money

A program that partners a court system in Louisiana and Goodwill Industries could help fathers in the area find work, as the point of this movement is to provide these individuals with a way to pay child support, according to the Shreveport Times.

Charles Ahart, an Arkansas native, was arrested and brought to court in Shreveport, Louisiana, due to the fact that he was unable to provide his child support payments.

The program helped him get his life back on track, and provided a support system so that he could give financial help to his daughter.

“I had no job, no money and no place to go,” he told the Times. “This program has really strengthened me. I went from having nothing to having a job, a house and now a fiancée.”

According to Goodwill Industries, the program is just one of the many job-help initiatives that exist across the country, as a similar effort was created in Macon, Georgia, to help residents get back on their feet.

How Much Child Support Should You Be Paying? Use the Child Support Calculator

Family request custody of deceased woman’s kids

The family of a deceased Georgia woman is asking that custody of her children be granted to a grandparent rather than remaining with their father, who is a suspect in the woman’s death, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Nique Leili’s body was found under a pile of leaves outside of the Lawrenceville home she shared with her husband, Matt Leili, and their two daughters. So far, the newspaper reports there have been no arrests in connection with Nique Leili’s death.

Matt Leili has retained child custody of the couple’s daughters, ages 12 and nine, since the victim was reported missing over a week ago. However, Gwinnett County court records show that Matt Leili filed for divorce from his wife on July 13 and asked for sole custody, alimony and child support. The divorce petition was filed two days after Matt Leili told his wife’s family that she was missing.

Police said Matt Leili claims he and his wife had argued on July 8, and he woke up the next morning to find her missing, the newspaper reports.

A lawyer for Nique Leili’s father told the media outlet that he would be filing a petition to allow his client to have legal custody of his grandchildren.

“I have prepared a petition for the grandfather to get at least visitation, if not custody, of the two minor children,” the attorney said. “The first priority is to make sure they’re safe.”

Grandparents must petition a family law court to request full or partial custody of a child, or even visitations. The custody rights of grandparents may be applicable in cases where one or both parents die, or in certain divorce or separation cases.

Jailed dad had due process violated

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a South Carolina man who was sent to jail after he was unable to pay his child support was deprived of his 14th amendment right to due process, according to published reports.

South Carolina law allows law enforcement to jail individuals who do not pay child support without providing them legal counsel. The defendant, Michael Turner, was sentenced to up to 12 months in prison for being unable to meet his child support payment and state courts denied that Turner had a right to a court-appointed attorney even though his liberty was on the line.

However, Turner claims he was never told that his ability to pay child support was the reason for his legal woes and said authorities never provided him with financial disclosures forms or any other means to determine whether he could feasibly meet his child support payments. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that state officials must ensure that hearings are “fundamentally fair” to the person facing possible incarceration.

“Under these circumstances, Turner’s incarceration violated the Due Process Clause,” Justice Stephen Breyer wrote.

In addition to South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Maine and Ohio also do not provide counsel for those too poor to afford legal assistance in child support cases.