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Video: Cordell & Cordell News – January 30, 2015

Cordell & Cordell, along with its sponsored sites Dads Divorce and Men’s Divorce, present a news video for the week of January 30, 2015.

This week, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joe Cordell contributed a column for Financial Advisor Magazine explaining two subjects where financial advisors can be helpful during divorce.

Since they tend to have a better grasp of the financial complexities of taxes and benefits than divorce attorneys, financial professionals tend to be more qualified to assist in the structuring of divorce settlements in a tax-advantaged manner and have a greater knowledge of how to handle the division of retirement benefits.  [Read more…]

Court grants custody to woman despite her shady past

Linda Weston and her sister, Vicky, went to court for a child custody hearing to decide the fate of Vicky’s daughter, Beatrice. The troubled past of the two individuals didn’t factor into the judge’s decision, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Vicky was recovering from a head injury when the custody battle occurred, and had trusted her sister to take care of her child. Linda was convicted in 1984 of starving a man to death, a crime for which she served four years and something that her sister didn’t mind, the newspaper reported.

The granting of custody to the two women led to a bizarre kidnapping case in which Linda was arrested following police finding her with four mentally disabled adults locked in a basement.

Police then found Beatrice hiding, as she was malnourished and bore scars from burns, beatings and other torture.

The Inquirer reported that when Linda and Vicky went to court in 2003 to get custody of Beatrice, the previous murder conviction was not mentioned. This lack of investigation led to the horrific state in which the child was found.

CBS News reported that Linda was keeping the mentally disabled adults as part of a social security scheme, and her daughter was simply neglected.

Often times men are denied custody for merely having a minor offense on their record or because of unsubstantiated claims of abuse from their former spouse.

California dad wins case after being duped into paying child support

Pedro Soto won a case against the Orange County, California Department of Child Support Services following a legal struggle against the organization following his being duped into paying for a kid that was not his, Fathers and Families reported.

In a stunning discovery that is all too familiar for some men in the U.S., Soto found out that he was not the father of a child that he had paid more than $75,000 in child support for, according to the news source.

Soto was deceived by his then-girlfriend Maricela Guerrero into believing that her newborn son was the product of their relationship in 1998, and he then proceeded to sign a paternity declaration.

According to Fathers and Families, the kid was found to be the biological son of the man who was living with Guerrero, and an elaborate scheme was set up in order to get Soto to send the child support checks.

The name of the father was changed on the birth certificate, and Soto’s paternity judgment was set aside, according to court documents.

Investigation launched for dirty DUIs in California

David Dutcher tried online dating following his divorce in 2008. He was trying to recover from the difficult split when he became entangled in an alleged entrapment scheme, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Dutcher was allegedly duped by a detective agency that involved former police officer Christopher Butler.

Butler was the head of a detective agency that was allegedly responsible for the arrangement of drunk driving traps for men at the the behest of their ex-wives and their divorce lawyers, according to the Times.

The men were allegedly trapped through either a woman feeding them alcohol and then persuading them to drive, an agency-run brothel or a narcotics sting. The news source reported that the crimes may have implicated three different law enforcement agencies.

“I hope in some small way this information will help you recoup both rights and dignities lost in one of the most deplorable legal practices I have ever heard of,” Contra Costa County Senior Deputy District Attorney Harold W. Jewett wrote in a letter to Dutcher.

California Coast News reported that prosecutors eventually dismissed charges in 20 DUI and vice crime cases due to the allegations and involvement of authorities.

Mother repays wrong mans child support

The difficult process of divorce and the developments that arise from the split are not confined to the U.S. In countries around the world there are men who have suffered from unfair rules and harsh legislation.

An Australian woman was ordered to repay child support to a man who she claimed was her son’s father. The male only found out that he was not the parent of the individual when he discovered that he was unable to conceive, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The man believed that the child was his after what he alleges was a “one-night stand” nine years ago. He told the court that he believed that the mother had manipulated the situation and knew that he was not the father, the news source reported.

According to the Telegraph, the woman finally recalled another encounter with a different man during the period of conception, a fact that was only presented after the man who thought he was the father had paid for nine years of child support.

The divorce rate in Australia is currently 40 percent, a lower number than that in the U.S., according to Divorce Rate.