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Joe Cordell Debates Men’s Rights On “Fox & Friends”

joe cordell fox and friendsCordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell appeared on “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News channel to debate family law attorney Vikki Ziegler on why men need extra legal protection in divorce court.

“The overwhelming statistics show that the corner of room among civil rights causes in American that is neglected still is the rights of men in domestic relations cases,” Mr. Cordell told host Steve Doocy.

The mindset and attitudes of Cordell & Cordell attorneys regarding their acknowledgement of discrimination is what separates the firm’s lawyers from others, according to Mr. Cordell.

“It’s understandable that guys are going to be predisposed to hire attorneys who at least acknowledge these statistics, such as 97% of the alimony orders in American are issued against men,” Mr. Cordell said. “Doesn’t that smell of bias and discrimination? We should not tolerate discriminatory practices in family court against men.”

The full clip of the interview is available here or embedded below.

Fox News Talks Divorce With Joseph Cordell

Cordell & Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell appeared on “The Tom Sullivan Show” on Fox News Radio to discuss family courts’ bias against men, custody battles and the use of alimony payments.

Here a few highlights from the interview:

Why he got involved in helping men and fathers in the family court system: “It’s an area that needs special attention. Historically, guys have faced an uphill climb. In many courts across America, guys have to expend additional effort, resources and ingenuity to come out with a fair result. So we decided to focus on serving one side of the table.

On child custody battles: “There’s the old joke that if you run into a bear in the woods with another hunter, you don’t have to outrun the bear – you just have to outrun the other hunter. And that’s kind of the situation in divorce courts when it comes to understanding custody battles. It’s really a matter of being the better option, not necessarily being the perfect parent.

“Keep in mind, in divorce court more than any other area of the law, judges have a huge amount of discretion so there’s a lot of opportunity for biases and particular preferences that we all as human beings have that come into play. Historically, it has not worked in the favor of dads.”

Paying spousal support to your ex-wife: “Legally, those funds are to be assigned to the child. Now we all know that if Mom gets $1,000 a month, she’s getting some benefit from that to the extent she pays for transportation, housing, food, etc. At the end of the day, Mom’s standard of living has increased while Dad’s has substantially decreased.”

To listen to the June 13 podcast, visit The Tom Sullivan Show podcast page. The interview begins around the 1 hour, 28 minute mark.

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