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Video: Cordell & Cordell News – August 29, 2014

Cordell & Cordell along with its sponsored sites, DadsDivorce and MensDivorce, present a news video for the week of August 29, 2014.

This week, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell talked about the importance of fathers and their parental rights on Love 860 radio, based in the Atlanta area. Mr. Cordell also contributed acolumn about financial advisors and preparing for clients going through divorce to Financial Advisor magazine.

DadsDivorce outlined five different hobbies men can try out after a divorce. MensDivorce highlighted a profile story of a divorce survivor named “Charles.”

Joe Cordell Discusses Parental Alienation in The Huffington Post

huffington postParental alienation, or the action of one parent to manipulate a child away from the other parent, is a subject more widely recognized today than even just a few years ago.

In a new column for The Huffington Post titled “Is Your Ex Turning Your Child Against You?” Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner and Founder Joe Cordell discussed parental alienation and its impact on many fathers.

In the article, Mr. Cordell mentioned his 25 years of experience in representing men and seeing many situations in which one parent will let personal feelings damage the relationship between a child and the other parent.

“This can be done subtly and unintentionally through occasional belittling comments, to active and malicious ‘brainwashing’ with the intent to replace any love the child may have for the other parent with hate,” wrote Mr. Cordell. “Alienation can be cataclysmic during such an emotional time as divorce.”

Mr. Cordell also pointed out that, in the majority of situations, the primary custodial parent tends to be the person who contributes to parental alienation if it exists. Because many fathers are non-custodial parents, they often become the victim of such alienation.

He made sure to note that those parents who feel that they or their children are suffering from parental alienation should certainly complete every parental obligation that exists and seek the help of a psychologist familiar with the condition.

Read more from Mr. Cordell’s Huffington Post column.

Joe Cordell, Jennifer Paine and Cordell & Cordell Highlighted in USA Today Article about Fathers’ Rights

Principal Partner Joe Cordell, attorney Jennifer Paine and Cordell & Cordell clients recently contributed to a USA Today article about fathers’ rights, which was published this past Father’s Day weekend.

The article, “More dads demand equal custody rights,” ran in 35 other newspapers across the country with a total readership of 1.7 million people.

“Guys are living in a world where there are equal rights in the workplace. They live in families where their wives’ pay is as much as theirs. Now, they’re becoming insistent that their role be respected in family court and that the traditional stereotypes have to go,” said Mr. Cordell.

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based attorney Jennifer Paine mentioned that “Custody decisions not only vary from state to state, but even greatly within a state within a county from judge to judge.”

Find copies of the article’s print version in PDF form below.

USA Today Article, Page One

USA Today Article, Page Two


Joe Cordell Writes About Another Blow To Fathers’ Rights

logo-huffington-postThe recent New Jersey ruling blocking an unmarried father from being in the delivery room during the birth of his child has brought to the forefront an issue that desperately needs attention: the rights of an unmarried father.

Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell wrote in his latest Huffington Post column with the increasing trend of having children out of wedlock, it is time to readdress the rights – or lack thereof – held by unwed fathers.

The case in New Jersey has put a spotlight on just how little control a father has when he is not married to the mother of his child.

“Being married does not automatically make you a good parent; just as being unmarried doesn’t automatically make you a bad parent,” Mr. Cordell wrote. “Unwed fathers deserve the same opportunity to be a part of their child’s life, and it’s time we stop making them work so much harder to obtain basic parental rights.”

Read the full Huffington Post article “Another Blow to Fathers’ Rights; Dad Barred From Delivery Room.”

VIDEO: Dorothy Ripka Comments on Court Ruling Blocking Dads From Delivery Rooms

ripka-wcpo-newsIn a blow to fathers’ rights, biological fathers can be kept out of the delivery room for the birth of their child by the mother, according to a recent New Jersey court ruling.

“It’s very disheartening to hear someone want to take that opportunity away from the father and child to bond,” Lead Litigator Dorothy Walsh Ripka told WCPO News in Cincinnati. “We would hope that parents were considering the impact of that day on their child and the impact on the family unit rather than taking the position of which parent is more important.”

Watch the full report featuring Ms. Ripka.

According to NPR, the ruling involves a couple who got engaged after the woman became pregnant but later broke up. The man sued for the right to be present at the birth of his child, but the judge ruled that requiring the father’s presence would pose “unwarranted strain” on the mother.

“This is really an opportunity for everyone to consider if I am going to become a parent what does this mean and do I have legal rights,” Ms. Ripka said. “If I don’t have those rights, then how do I go about securing those?”

Watch the full report featuring Ms. Ripka.