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Men’s Divorce Podcast: The Impact Of Social Media On Divorce

Men's Divorce PodcastEach month, the Cordell & Cordell Men’s Divorce Podcast features interviews with authors, politicians and other divorce professionals on issues men face during the divorce process.

This month, we discuss how social media increasingly influences the outcome of divorce proceedings, as well as hear some tips from family law attorneys on how to manage your online profile to hopefully minimize any negative impact your social networking accounts will have on your case.

Joe Cordell Explains The Financial Ramifications Of Divorce

financial advisorsIn his most recent Financial Advisor Magazine column, Principal Partner Joe Cordell explained the importance of considering the financial ramifications of divorce.

In the April 20 article, “The Grass Isn’t Greener: Considering The Financial Ramifications Of Divorce,” Mr. Cordell notes that many successful individuals rush into a divorce without analyzing the decision in the same manner that brought them success in the first place.  [Read more…]

Joe Cordell Talks Divorce Planning With Money Radio

Money Radio on divorce and taxesCordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell recently appeared on Phoenix Money Radio’s “Business for Breakfast” to discuss how a flawed decision-making process frequently trips people up during marriage and divorce.

Mr. Cordell pointed out that, typically, successful individuals take great care in planning for the important decisions they face in their lives. [Read more…]

Joe Cordell Gives Tax Tips On Money Radio

Money Radio on divorce and taxesIn his latest appearance on Phoenix Money Radio’s “Business for Breakfast,” Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell reviewed several important tax tips to keep in mind following divorce.

Filing taxes after divorce can complicate an already confusing process. In the interview, Mr. Cordell reviewed whether child support or attorney fees are tax deductible, who has the right to claim children as dependents, what status to file under after divorce, and more.  [Read more…]

Joe Cordell Explains How Financial Advisors Can Assist In Divorce In Financial Advisor Magazine

financial advisorsIn this month’s Financial Advisor Magazine column, Principal Partner Joe Cordell explained two subjects where a financial advisor can be extremely helpful during a divorce.

In the Jan. 27 article, “Advisors Can Greatly Help With Two Divorce Subjects,” Mr. Cordell discusses how financial advisors can assist in the structuring of divorce settlements in a tax-advantaged manner, and the division of retirement benefits. [Read more…]