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Key Tips For Dating After Divorce

dating after divorceAfter your divorce there will likely come a time when you’ll want to start looking for a new relationship. [Read more…]

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In this week’s news, Cordell & Cordell launched its new online video consultation option for those who need an alternative to meeting in person. DadsDivorce published an article with tips for dating after divorce.  MensDivorce discussed the importance of establishing paternity for unwed fathers.

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Couple ordered to swap dating site and Facebook information following divorce

A large number of divorces require some type of asset division and swapping of properties and investments, but sometimes the judge can determine that more action needs to be taken following the split.

Forbes reported that one instance led to the attorneys of a former couple having to exchange “their client’s Facebook and dating website passwords” to help with the divorce proceedings.

According to the news outlet, the request from the judge led to skepticism from the husband and his divorce attorney, as the content on these sites seemed too personal to release for the individual.

“I see the information people can get from computers, in lawsuits and through hacking,” the divorce lawyer for the husband told Forbes. “They scare the hell out of me.”

However, the husband noted that he had seen a few incriminating things from his ex-wife on their computer while they were married, and this could help his case in the coming months.

This development came months after a St. Petersburg attorney said that she saw increasing use of social media site evidence in cases, according to WTSP 10 News.

Deciding the right time to date after a divorce

Dating after a divorce can be a scary prospect, particularly if you’ve been out of the game for a while. But according to post-divorce consultant Lee Block in a recent Huffington Post column, just when and how a person re-enters the dating pool varies depending on the individual.

One way to know that you’re ready to date again is that you don’t harbor fresh anger about your divorce. This could lead you to talk incessantly about your ex throughout a date, which can be a big turn-off for potential mates.

“It is important that the anger and bitterness has evaporated enough that you can enjoy yourself and be open to the new experiences of dating,” Block writes.

The post-divorce expert also advises that when you enter the dating scene once again, avoid playing games. If you like someone, call them or text to make a second date.

Additionally, dating decisions after a divorce should involve the children if the dissolved marriage resulted in offspring. It is important not to have your children feel as though a number of suitors are coming in and out of your life.

According to Psychology Today, successful dating after a divorce can be achieved with some patience, supportive friends and, perhaps most importantly, a healthy level of self-esteem.

Mass. proposal would alter divorce law

A selectman in a Massachusetts town recently introduced a bill that would bar divorcing parents from carrying out a sexual relationship in their home.

Wrentham Selectman Robert Leclair’s bill, which was recently put in front of state lawmakers, would prevent couples going through a divorce from “conducting a dating or sexual relationship within the home” until their divorce is finalized, reports the Boston Herald.

Leclair told the news source that the legislation is designed to prevent domestic violence incidents and protect children from unpleasant scenes.

“It’s not intended to abridge the rights of anybody,” he said. “If they want to have an extra-marital affair, just get away from the home.”

State Sen. Richard Ross has sponsored the bill but has yet to comment on it, according to the news source.

Massachusetts is also considering a change to its alimony laws. The proposal currently under consideration would put an end to lifetime spousal support. It would also base the size and the duration of the payments on the length of the marriage. According to The Associated Press, the state currently has no limit on the duration of alimony payments.