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Dallas Attorney Tomekia Lee-Chaney Receives Board Certification

Dallas divorce attorney Tomekia Lee-ChaneyThe Texas Board of Legal Specialization recently announced that Cordell & Cordell Dallas divorce attorney Tomekia Lee-Chaney received Board Certification in Family Law, an honor less than 10 percent of Texas attorneys claim. [Read more…]

Dorothy Ripka Comments On Sperm Donor Being Sued For Child Support

wbapCordell & Cordell Partner Dorothy Ripka appeared on WBAP Dallas radio to discuss the State of Kansas suing a man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple for child support.

William Marotta answered an online ad in 2009 from a lesbian couple who were seeking a sperm donor.

According to media reports, Marotta and the women signed an agreement waiving his parental rights, but the state argues that because Marotta didn’t go through a clinic or doctor as required by state law then he can be held responsible for back child support as well as future financial responsibilities.

Ms. Ripka commented on the unique situation with host Brian Estridge and offered tips on how men can protect themselves from a potential lifetime of liability for a child they thought they relinquished rights to.

K104 in Dallas Discusses Cordell & Cordell’s ‘Life Mission’

K104 radio in Dallas spoke with Joseph Cordell about Cordell & Cordell’s divorce seminars the firm puts on across the country in addition to how the firm began focusing on representing men in divorce.

After starting the law firm with his wife, Yvonne, as a general litigation practice, Mr. Cordell began handling “tough, outrageous cases” that pitted men fighting an uphill battle just to prove they belonged in their children’s lives post-divorce.

“We felt passionately about (representing men), and we acquired a reputation for helping guys,” he said. “We finally decided this is our mission in life, and we declared ourselves as a firm dedicated to serving men.”

Listen below to Mr. Cordell’s full interview on K104 radio in Dallas.

The 9 Most Expensive Cities For Getting A Divorce

Divorce lawyer Spencer WilliamsBusiness Insider consulted with the divorce lawyers of Cordell & Cordell for analysis of “The 9 Most Expensive Cities For Getting A Divorce,” which it calculated based on the average rate for divorce attorneys in cities across the country.

Attorney Spencer Williams offered his insight into why cities like Dallas, Philadelphia, and Newark are so expensive when it comes to divorce (Los Angeles topped the list at an average rate of $350).

A problematic trend in many of these high-priced divorce cities is couples opting to pursue a divorce without hiring representation.

Many make the analogy to persons considering self-representation (or pro se) to that of a person who has a cracked tooth or a broken arm deciding to fix themselves without a dentist or doctor.

Can they fix the problem? Certainly. Will they enjoy the long-term ramifications of the do-it-yourself fix? Almost certainly not.

The expense of receiving legal advice on divorce from a qualified family law attorney may seem unaffordable at the time of divorce, but the cost in money, time, and peace of mind of not retaining a lawyer is most likely much greater in the long run.

Read the full article: “The 9 Most Expensive Cities For Getting A Divorce.”

Firm Opens Office in Houston, Texas

Cordell And Cordell Now Serving Houston Men Facing Divorce

Men seeking divorce in Houston, Texas now have the benefit of a partner they can count on.  Cordell & Cordell recently opened a new office in Houston.

This new office will be headed by Bryan Abercrombie, who is relocating from the firm’s Dallas office.