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Attorney Jana Palko On The Dangers Of Revealing Too Much Online

Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyer Jana PalkoCordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer Jana Palko appeared on Pittsburgh radio station 1020 KDKA to discuss how posting too much information online can affect domestic litigation.

The consequences of not being careful online is also listed as one of “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce,” according to Joseph Cordell’s book.

Posting personal information can be used against you in a divorce proceeding, such as if you post information about your estranged spouse on sites like, yet this happens all the time, according to Palko.

“If it’s constant release of information or putting someone in danger you can certainly contact the police,” Palko said.

If it happens during a divorce, your divorce attorney can help you get that information removed. If not, you will have to file a civil action, which can be complicated and pricey. You can also contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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Mother Kills Child In Response to Custody Ruling

Police in Sachse, Texas, were waiting outside of the house of a woman who had just lost her son in a custody battle when they heard several shots. The father of the child was present and was trying to enter the residence when the incident occurred, The Associated Press reported.

Less than an hour before the shooting, a jury had given Rodney McCall custody of Eryk Hayslett-McCall and terminated the parental rights of his mother, Karen Hayslett-McCall. The father asked the police to meet him at the residence for the transfer.

“I think there was some thought that there would be a problem with the transfer,” Dennis Veach, the police chief of Sachse, told the AP.

After the police forcibly entered the residence they found both the mother and the son dead.

According to WFAA Dallas, the nasty divorce and child custody hearings had affected the state of mind that Karen was in and may have been the cause of the incident.

“I guess she just couldn’t handle the fact that she was losing him,” Joan Irek, a neighbor, told the news source.

Investigation launched for dirty DUIs in California

David Dutcher tried online dating following his divorce in 2008. He was trying to recover from the difficult split when he became entangled in an alleged entrapment scheme, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Dutcher was allegedly duped by a detective agency that involved former police officer Christopher Butler.

Butler was the head of a detective agency that was allegedly responsible for the arrangement of drunk driving traps for men at the the behest of their ex-wives and their divorce lawyers, according to the Times.

The men were allegedly trapped through either a woman feeding them alcohol and then persuading them to drive, an agency-run brothel or a narcotics sting. The news source reported that the crimes may have implicated three different law enforcement agencies.

“I hope in some small way this information will help you recoup both rights and dignities lost in one of the most deplorable legal practices I have ever heard of,” Contra Costa County Senior Deputy District Attorney Harold W. Jewett wrote in a letter to Dutcher.

California Coast News reported that prosecutors eventually dismissed charges in 20 DUI and vice crime cases due to the allegations and involvement of authorities.

Divorce opens door to criminal investigation in Florida

After an unusual divorce filing, officials in St. Johns County, Florida, have launched a criminal investigation and placed a woman in jail on perjury charges, the St. Augustine Record reports.

Sherril Thurston divorced her husband Bob, who has since passed away, in 2009. According to the news source, the divorce paperwork was filed in Florida where Bob Thurston owned property. However, Bob’s daughter, Tracie, has contended that her father and step-mother in fact lived in North Carolina when the divorce was filed. Florida law requires that one spouse be a resident of the state for at least six months before a divorce can be filed.

The separation of the couple is even more complicated, however, because Bob Thurston was suffering from dementia, meaning he may not have had the capacity to truly understand the consequences of the divorce.

According to a family law attorney in Zephyrillis, Florida, lawyers are seeing an increasing number of baby boomers looking to dissolve marriages of 30-plus years. This could be due to the lessening stigma regarding divorce for adults over 50 and the freedom couples feel once their children have grown up and moved out. As a result, child custody and support are no longer an issue. However, health issues that come with age can further complicate divorces.

Marijuana use even under legal limit could affect child custody

A number of parents in New York have found that, while their small marijuana possessions were not cause for a criminal investigation, these drugs may be grounds for losing custody of their children, the New York Times reports.

Child custody caseworkers have taken many children from their parents after police found small amounts of marijuana in homes, even though these amounts are well below the legal threshold for even a misdemeanor.

According to the publication, hundreds of New York residents who have admitted to using the drug or been caught with small amounts have become embroiled in legal battles. Some have also lost custody of their children to their ex-spouses, ex-lovers or even to the state. Child welfare agencies argue that, although marijuana use or possession may not be punishable under the law when the amounts are small enough, parents who use the drug could indicate that there are other serious problems regarding the care of their children.

While some people consider marijuana use to be harmless, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) warns parents that research has shown that family members’ use of alcohol and drugs greatly affects whether children and teens start using drugs.