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Cordell & Cordell’s Virtual Town Hall Offers Tips on Progressing Your Divorce Case During COVID-19


When you know your marriage is irretrievably broken and you wish to move forward with your life, you do not want to wait and be subject to delays for any reason. You want to sort out who gets what and parenting time schedules with your shared children, so that way you can help them adjust, and you can adjust, as well.

You may be like many divorcing spouses around the country, dealing with a family court system that has been hampered by restrictions. COVID-19 has changed the flow of the court system and has restructured many of its capabilities. Many hearings now are being virtually held through video conferencing, while others have been delayed, in anticipation for increased restrictions.

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Kelly L. Burris Talks Divorce, Support Modification During COVID-19 on FOX 26 Houston

Cordell & Cordell Partner Kelly L. Burris was interviewed by FOX 26 in Houston, Tex., discussing how divorce has been navigated during the COVID-19 pandemic. She highlights what a paying parent of spousal or child support can do, in order to find the financial relief that they are seeking, in the face of the financial ramifications of the pandemic.

Ms. Burris emphasizes the importance of patience during this tumultuous time, as well as why it is vital to file right away. With the courts being virtual, she offers tips on how to handle a virtual family court hearing.

Ms. Burris also broke down how child custody exchanges have evolved during the course of the pandemic and how the current order is the one that should be maintained, as emphasized by the United States Supreme Court.

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Erin King Interviewed by The Commercial Appeal About Rise in Divorce Filings Amid COVID-19

Cordell & Cordell Regional Managing Attorney Erin King was interviewed by The Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis, Ten., discussing the rise of divorce filings in Shelby County and how the COVID-19 pandemic may have played a part in the increase.

Ms. King highlighted how the pandemic may have added stress to marriages that already had existing issues.

“I don’t think COVID caused some of these problems that we’re seeing in clients,” Ms. King said. “I do think it has been a tipping point for many.”

She also emphasized the need to readdress financial obligations like spousal and child support amid the furloughs and other economic impacts of the pandemic.

“As parties have lost their jobs, or seen a reduction in child support income, it’s become necessary to address those types of things,” Ms. King said.

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Jessica Friedman Discusses Co-Parenting During COVID-19 on KTNV’s The Morning Blend

Attorney Jessica M. Friedman joined ABC13 KTNV’s The Morning Blend for a segment on divorced co-parenting amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Do I Utilize Mediation During Divorce? – Men’s Divorce Podcast

On the latest episode of Cordell & Cordell’s podcast series about divorce during COVID-19, CEO, Managing/Executive Partner Scott Trout and Litigation Attorney Claire Costantino break down how formal or informal mediation can be a beneficial tactic during the divorce process.

Mediation is a practical avenue for rational negotiations during an emotionally volatile experience. Before mediation, it is vital to understand your goals and communicate them with your attorney, in order to find a amicable solution.

Cordell & Cordell continues to produce weekly webinars and virtual town halls and daily podcasts answering your questions and addressing your concerns about how the virus is impacting family law. You can find all past webinars and podcasts on Cordell & Cordell’s COVID-19 and Divorce Information Hub.

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