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Business Insider Asks Cordell & Cordell ‘What To Wear To Court?’

what to wear to courtImage is important in domestic cases. The way you care for and present yourself is important in presenting your overall case. That’s why you should think of your physical appearance as your first exhibit.

Business Insider asked attorney Spencer Williams about what you should wear to court during your divorce case.

For men: A nice button up shirt and slacks will do the trick. Adding a sports coat and/or tie is “optional and nice but not necessary,” Williams advises.  In a pinch, a new and clean pair of dark jeans and a button-up or polo shirt will do.

For women: Stick with reasonable heels. “They don’t have to wear flats but watching someone in six inch heels wobble to and from the witness stand or even fall is not pretty,” he says. “Thigh high boots should be left at home. Stockings, if visible, should be traditional.”

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Irish court dismisses fathers appeal to return children to US

Two boys, now aged seven and nine, were wrongfully removed from New York and taken to Ireland with their mother. Despite protests from their father over the development, the Supreme Court in the Emerald Isle ruled that the children would stay there, according to the Irish Times.

Though the children were both under the age of 10, the court took their opinions of where they wanted to live into consideration in the ruling.

“There is a growing understanding of the importance of listening to a child,” Chief Justice Susan Denham said in the ruling.

The court claimed that the ages of seven and nine were old enough for an individual to have attained a great enough level of maturity, a claim that was denied by the father of the children, according to the Times.

The Irish Examiner reported that the mother had left the U.S. and missed three scheduled court dates. This development led to the father being awarded custody in November 2010, but didn’t convince the Irish court that the children should be allowed to return to New York.

Ex-husband files complaint against judge during divorce case

The ex-husband of country music star Sara Evans has filed a complaint against Williamson County Judge James G. Martin III due to his alleged actions during the divorce proceedings of Craig Schelske, according to The Tennessean.

A complaint against the judge was filed by Schelske following the divorce proceedings that Martin was the administrator for. The news source reported that the ex-husband was found guilty of six counts of civil contempt, charges that are denied by the defendant due to alleged bias by the judge.

According to The Associated Press, the complaint has been received by Martin and he is preparing a statement in defense of his actions. Schelske claimed that the judge had violated his First Amendment speech rights due to the issuance of a gag order.

Schelske has also filed suit against the attorney that had been hired by his former wife, as he noted that the individual dealt with a case in an unfair manner, reported the news outlet.

The ex-husband has claimed that the attorney had defamed him in several publications during and after the trial, according to The Tennessean.