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Joe Cordell Discusses NFL star Chad Johnson and Domestic Violence

Joseph CordellCordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell appeared on 700 WLW radio in Cincinnati in a wide-ranging interview discussing divorce, staying in the marital home, and the recent incident involving NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson allegedly head-butting his newlywed wife.

Listen below to Mr. Cordell’s full interview with “The Big One” hosts Eddie and Tracy.

Scott Trout on Religion and Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes Divorce

divorce lawyer scott troutThe issue of which parent makes religious decisions for their children following a divorce has garnered national media attention with news of the Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes divorce and Holmes’ reported concerns over their daughter being raised in the Church of Scientology.

Cordell & Cordell Managing Partner Scott C. Trout appeared on WHAS Radio in Louisville to discuss religion and divorce and other legal custody concerns, including education decisions and why labels such as “sole custody” aren’t nearly as important as guys make them out to be.

Click below to listen to Scott Trout’s full interview on WHAS Radio:

The effect of a divorce on a business

A divorce will likely affect a business, as the split may lead to a division of assets or could cause an increased level of stress for an owner or executive of a small company if their spouse holds a share of the firm.

Despite a Forbes report that outlined how Kim Kardashian’s divorce may actually help her business, due to the fact that her life will be more exciting as she looks for a new man, non-celebrities may suffer because of a split with their former lover.

In an interview with the National Federation of Independent Business, Alan Schacter, a certified public accountant for Citrin Cooperman, noted that a split can lead to economic problems for individuals if they are not able to remove hostilities with their ex-spouse if an asset division is required.

“You need to put personal differences aside to preserve the asset,” Schacter told the news source. “This is an emotionally charged process. Everyone wants to do it peacefully.”

According to the NFIB, the general rule is splitting business equity “50/50” and each spouse will likely retain an equal share of the assets.

Dodgers divorce settlement finally reached saga ends for Frank McCourt

The ongoing divorce battle between former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie has finally come to an end, as an expensive settlement was reached in order to end the dispute, The Associated Press reported.

According to the news outlet, the agreement was reached that left Jamie with $131 million by the end of April 2012, as the binding settlement was filed by lawyers for both parties.

The agreement calls for the lump sum to be paid fully in cash by this date, and Frank McCourt can save a comparatively minute sum if he is able to make the payment by this deadline.

Jamie McCourt didn’t just receive the massive $131 million that she may get before April, as the ex-wife will also get four properties that total $50 million, while Frank only gets to keep two residences, the AP reported.

The Los Angeles Times reported that despite the massive payout to his ex-wife, McCourt will still be responsible for spousal support funding that totals $225,000 per month until the final $131 million is given to Jamie.

Kelsey Grammer alleges ex-wife married him for fame

Kelsey Grammer noted that his ex-wife Camille was married to him for the level of fame that he had reached, and sought a divorce many times during their relationship, according to People Magazine.

“Camille asked for a divorce really almost the first day we were married,” the actor said on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight Monday. “If you say you want a divorce enough times, you’re going to get one.”

The television star detailed the many times that she had allegedly asked for a divorce and he characterized Camille as someone who craved fame. He went on to say that she “married me because I was Frasier,” the magazine reported.

Grammer told People that he has had no recent contact with his ex-wife but he maintains a great relationship with the children that they had together.

According to US Weekly, the former star of “Frasier” had left his wife with a chance to be on the television show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” as a parting gift. He noted that she wanted to be famous and he wanted to help her do this.