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Spying On Your Ex In Divorce

In his latest article, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell does the cost / benefit analysis of spying on your soon-to-be-ex.  What should you do, for instance, if you’re pretty sure she’s cheating?

When In A Divorce, Child Support Or Marital Maintenance Case Is It Okay To Spy?

Can you record phone calls? Are you allowed to get into her email account? How about printing out Facebook updates, profile information or photos? With so many ways to snoop from bank statements, to GPS records, to hidden cameras, it’s no wonder we have the urge to satisfy our suspicious mind’s yearning to find out and begin building a divorce case.

But, cautions the CEO of the world’s largest divorce firm serving men, you might be doing yourself and your case more harm than good. Read the divorce article to find out more about the wide range of surveillance laws that vary from state to state, the potential risks and rewards associated with snooping, and the ways to protect yourself from others who might want to know more about your private life.

Divorce And Apologies: The Divorce Files

In Joseph Cordell‘s latest installment, Cordell & Cordell’s Principal Partner, discusses why even if love means never having to say your sorry, divorce absolutely forbids it.

In the latest edition of his column, The Divorce Files, Cordell illustrates why words often intended to mend a relationship or, at very least, pacify a spouse whose mind is set on divorce can often have a detrimental effect on a man’s divorce outcome.

Cordell shows how dealing from a position concession is not only an unwise relationship strategy (it rarely works when in one party’s mind a decision has already been made), it is also an unwise divorce tactic where admissions of guilt will be exploited by opposing counsel and substantiated and possibly magnified by technology such as email, voice mail and social media.

To learn more about divorce strategy, read the article here.


The Art of the Prenuptial Agreement

There’s more to the modern prenup than you might think. By using the recent Tiger Woods prenup as an example, Joseph Cordell, Principal Partner of Cordell & Cordell, explains that prenuptial agreements are about more than pre-marital property and money.

Your good name, credibility and reputation might very well be at stake after your divorce and your prenuptial agreement should take these factors into account. Cordell explains how, in Tiger’s case, the clauses that restrict his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, from publishing books, interviews or any other commentary on the marriage, its problems or its dissolution, were not only important to Tiger’s reputation; they were probably essential to his livelihood and so he paid a premium to secure them.

Read the entire article on the Tiger Woods prenup.


Divorce Assets: Keep Them Separate

In the latest installment of Joe Cordell’s weekly column, Divorce Assets: The Divorce Files, the Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner explains the many ways assets, even those held separately, can become commingled during a marriage, thus becoming fair game for division upon divorce.

Cordell gives real-world examples of how good record keeping can save your pre-marriage assets from the divorce court guillotine.

Read the entire article about dividing marital assets.

Divorce Alimony Explained on AskMen

In the wake of a reported $100 million-dollar payout awarded to Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, many men and women who are approaching the end of their marriage are no doubt wondering what are their chances of receiving alimony or having to support their ex- or soon-to-be ex-spouse after the divorce is finalized.

What are the factors that go into a court’s determination that one side should continue to support the other after the dissolution of a marriage? How much, if any, should be awarded and for how long? And what role do factors such as fault play in the court’s decision?

In the second article of the Divorce Files series, “Divorce Alimony,” Cordell & Cordell principal partner Joseph Cordell explains the factors that come into play in determining if alimony, or “maintenance” as it is often called, is to be awarded in a divorce.

Cordell explains the roles of fault and state jurisdiction as they apply to awards of alimony or maintenance in divorce by giving real-world examples of how Cordell & Cordell, the world’s largest firm focusing on family law for men, has handled this issue in the past.

Read the divorce alimony article.