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Joe Cordell Writes About Financial Consequences Of Infidelity

financial advisor magazineIn his most recent column for Financial Advisor Magazine, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joe Cordell wrote about the recent Ashley Madison security breach and the potential financial consequences of infidelity during divorce proceedings.

Several Cordell & Cordell attorneys have already commented on the scandal for various media outlets, and in his column Mr. Cordell wrote that there are both direct and indirect financial consequences when marriages end because of cheating. [Read more…]

Maura Boogay Explains Implications Of Ashley Madison Hack

Philly Voice Ever since the Ashley Madison website was hacked and a list of marital cheaters was released, a number of Cordell & Cordell attorneys have weighed in on how the breach could play out in divorce cases.

On Tuesday, Cordell & Cordell Philadelphia Litigation Manager Maura Boogay explained to the Philly Voice that in Pennsylvania, the evidence from the hack likely wouldn’t be much of a factor during a divorce case.  [Read more…]

Cordell & Cordell Attorneys Weigh In On Ashley Madison Hack

Fox BusinessLast month, Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joe Cordell appeared on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. in the aftermath of the Ashley Madison data breach to discuss how the hack could affect divorce attorneys.

On Friday, Mr. Cordell again spoke with Stuart Varney, as well as the Belleville News-Democrat and, after it was announced the website dedicated to helping married people cheat had made another data dump. [Read more…]

South Carolina couples must live apart before spousal support can be awarded

Couples who are looking to divorce in South Carolina must first live apart before spousal support can be sought. While this law has been on the books for many years, a recent ruling by the state’s Supreme Court proves that there is no exception for spouses without incomes, The Associated Press reports.

The ruling came after a judge in family court dismissed Eileen Theisen’s request for alimony because, while divorced, she still lived under the same roof with her ex-husband. The South Carolina Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s ruling.

According to the South Carolina Legislature, the state’s law prohibits divorce except in cases of adultery, desertion for a period of one year, physical cruelty, habitual drunkenness or after the husband and wife have lived apart without cohabitation for a period of one year.

The court’s decision offers some clarity to an increasingly hazy issue, as many people have kept living together after a divorce due to the difficult economy. However, the ruling may not help stay-at-home caregivers like Theisen, according to a family law attorney, because they have no income stream to allow them to set up a separate household.

Tell-tale signs you may be headed for divorce

Every relationship is different, but some issues that crop up for a couple can prove to be a sign that a divorce is on the horizon. According to Mindy R. Smith, in a recent column for the Huffington Post, there are some signals that a marriage may be coming to an end, and understanding these signs can help couples better prepare for what the future holds.

Some indicators that could point to a divorce are those relating to potential infidelities, writes Smith. For example, if spouses are on Facebook constantly chatting with old flames, if they are heading to bars more frequently or if they no longer want to be intimate, a divorce could be coming soon.

Relationships are also in trouble if laziness takes hold, says Smith. Spouses sometimes change appearance or gain weight, but if one partner gains more than 20 percent of their body weight, problems could be on the horizon. In addition, one spouse should not be the only one with responsibility, as this could cause irreparable damage.

“It is never permissible for one spouse to do everything in the marriage whether that is child-rearing, earning income or maintaining the home,” Smith explains.

According to Ask Men, a spouse paying close attention to finances and bills could also be sign that a relationship is on the rocks.