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Facebook Status Alters Custody Agreement

St. Petersburg Times — One law firm has had enough.

Back in the dark ages, like 2005, lawyers had to spend money, time and effort to glean juicy morsels for their cases. A basic custody battle could mean a maze of private investigators, subpoenas and conversations with neighbors.

Now it’s like this: Open browser. Click. Gasp. Print.

“Clients who have participated in social media have become much more vulnerable,” said Joseph Cordell, partner in national law firm Cordell & Cordell. “You have access to inner thoughts and frank conversations that in the past were virtually unheard of.”

GPS tracking features on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare help when people take their children on the run, said Cordell, whose firm has an office in Tampa. One client’s ex-wife had moved her children to eight different locations, he said.

But pictures are the biggest tell. One woman showed up online snorting cocaine off of a key, he said. Another held a bottle of Grey Goose vodka in one hand and a baby in the other.

During one custody battle, a mother posted photos of her children. A friend commented.

The children don’t look much like him.

The mother replied.

That’s because they’re not his.

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Divorce And Apologies: The Divorce Files

In Joseph Cordell‘s latest installment, Cordell & Cordell’s Principal Partner, discusses why even if love means never having to say your sorry, divorce absolutely forbids it.

In the latest edition of his column, The Divorce Files, Cordell illustrates why words often intended to mend a relationship or, at very least, pacify a spouse whose mind is set on divorce can often have a detrimental effect on a man’s divorce outcome.

Cordell shows how dealing from a position concession is not only an unwise relationship strategy (it rarely works when in one party’s mind a decision has already been made), it is also an unwise divorce tactic where admissions of guilt will be exploited by opposing counsel and substantiated and possibly magnified by technology such as email, voice mail and social media.

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