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Scott Trout
Nov 05, 2021

Scott C. Trout

Scott C. Trout is the Executive/Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Cordell & Cordell, a...
Joseph Cordell
Nov 05, 2021

Joseph E. Cordell

In 1990, while practicing general law, Joseph E. Cordell, J.D., C.P.A., LL.M., P.F.S., realized most of his...
Allison Cunningham
Nov 05, 2021

Allison Cunningham

Allison R. Cunningham is an Executive Partner of Cordell & Cordell, where she practices domestic litigation...
Murphy Frank
Nov 05, 2021

Frank Murphy

Frank Murphy is the Chief Compliance Officer of Cordell & Cordell, practicing exclusively in the area...
Walsh Ripka Dorothy
Nov 05, 2021

Dorothy Walsh Ripka

Dealing with gender stereotypes against men in family law is nothing new for seasoned divorce lawyer...
Ahrens Jerrad
Nov 05, 2021

Jerrad R. Ahrens

Jerrad R. Ahrens enjoys helping others in difficult situations, particularly custody disputes. His most satisfying cases...
WIlliam Backer
Nov 05, 2021

William F. Backer

A background that includes multiple stints as an assistant prosecuting attorney, including heading a multi-county child...
Burris Kelly
Nov 05, 2021

Kelly L. Burris

Kelly L. Burris got into family law to help people instead of corporations. “I wanted to...
Boogay Maura
Nov 05, 2021

Maura C. Boogay

The idea of helping people in difficult times is what Maura C. Boogay found appealing about...
Cordell Logo
Nov 05, 2021

Carl W. “​Christopher is very professional and it really seems like he has his ducks in a...