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Joshua C.

"Laura has been great! I can't say enough good things about her to anyone. She is very personable and knows what she is doing! Laura is extremely efficient. For Laura to be able to fit me in when she did, it was outstanding!"


"If I bring something up that I am unfamiliar with, like some quirk with state law, [my attorney] will go out and do the research and get me an answer - she's not too proud to tell you that she doesn't know the answer, like other lawyers or doctors.  She wants to make sure she's on firm ground and I respect that!"

Carcel B.

"[My attorney] has been great. [My attorney] has stayed on top of everything. [My attorney] pushed the issues when OC dragged their feet. She got it through as quickly as possible."

John G.

"Dorothy has been super! I would definitely recommend the firm and personally recommend Dorothy! She has been very accommodating and always at my beck and call. She is super responsive. She has provided me with a number of options throughout my case, and she has been an invaluable asset. You guys are doing everything in your power and scope of duties. I am very confident in my representation."


“[My attorney] is on top of it! She has my best interests at heart and gives me advice and allows me to make a decision. I’m really happy with [my attorney].”