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Dads Divorce®, a Divorce Resource for Men. is the go-to-place for essential divorce information, resources and advice about alimony, child support and child custody for men and fathers at any stage of divorce.

The website is filled with dads divorce resources, such as child support calculators, divorce laws by state, and divorce guides. Get your divorce legal questions answered for free by a Cordell & Cordell attorney through our popular Ask a Divorce Lawyer feature. Or you can visit our divorce forums to talk to men and fathers who have been through similar experiences.

If you’re looking for advice on divorce or dads divorce resources, has all the information you need.

How Can I Lower My Child Support?

As we all know, the economy has been in a slump. Many people have lost their jobs or seen their paycheck and hours cut. Every client or potential client asks how much child support might be.

Most clients are horrified at how high child support can be even with their lowered income. Many wonder how they can survive paying child support with not much left over for all of their bills. It can be especially galling when the other parent seems to be buying new things all of the time. So you want to know: How can I lower my child support?

Will I Get Child Custody?

If you have ever been involved in a child custody case or you are about to begin one you most likely have heard the phrase “best interests of the child.”

Almost every state determines custody and visitation issues based on the best interests of the child standard. State statutes and case law define this standard differently, but in general there are certain factors and themes that appear in the majority of states.

So when you ask the inevitable question of “what are my chances I’ll get custody?”, read the general list of what the courts use to analyze the “best interests of the child.”

Should I File for Divorce First?

The decision to file for divorce is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make. It will change your life, your spouse’s life, and your family’s life. That decision is usually followed up with the inevitable question: Should I be the first one to file? Divorce attorneys usually respond to this question with a pro and con list for clients to consider.

Click the link to read the pro-con list to being the first to file for divorce.