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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney
Our Power of Attorney services are free for divorced parents.

Sending your child off to college is an exciting experience, but it also brings a lot of stress. As a divorced parent, you have enough to worry about without being concerned about having access to your son or daughter’s educational, medical, financial, and other critical information.

That’s why Cordell & Cordell offers Power of Attorney services to divorced parents at no cost.

Ensuring your child is prepared for college is overwhelming, but you should never overlook their safety and well-being. A Power of Attorney should be at the top of your to-do list.

Although your child is just starting to transition to adulthood, they might already receive all the privacy protections of an adult. While it is important for you to give them the independence needed to grow, it’s also critical that you take steps to ensure that you stay informed and in control in the case of emergency.

Access Important Records

Properly drafting and signing a Power of Attorney document grants you access to important information and gives you authority to make crucial decisions on your child’s behalf. A Power of Attorney can give you the right to request the release of records including:

  • Accounting
  • Admissions
  • Registration
  • Academics
  • Financial Aid

Plan For Emergencies

Although you never want to think about worst-case scenarios, you should always take steps to prepare for such emergencies.

If something were to ever happen to your child at school, such as a serious accident, a Power of Attorney can enable you to make healthcare decisions on their behalf.

A Power of Attorney can also come in handy in a number of situations that might arise if your student studies abroad. In emergencies, having a Power of Attorney makes it easier to contact the local embassy or to wire money from a child’s bank account.

Free For Divorced Parents

Available for free to divorced parents and at a nominal charge for married couples, the Cordell & Cordell Power of Attorney documents are an important step toward protecting your child and yourself. Contact us today.

Power of Attorney services are not available in North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee.