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High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is a major change, but it should never wipe out what you spent years building. Make sure you have a family law attorney in your corner who will fight to protect your most valuable assets.

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It is critical to be proactive when facing divorce or else it can threaten the safety net you worked so hard to build.

  • Asset Division

    The longer a couple stays together, the more intertwined their assets become. That makes the division of property all the more tricky to sort out in divorce.

  • Tax Implications

    Splitting up assets during divorce can have major tax implications. It is vital to utilize the correct strategies during the divorce process to avoid any negative tax implications and liability.

  • Retirement Planning

    Divorce can seriously impact your plans for retirement. You may need access to retirement funds sooner than expected, or you may need to make plans to delay retirement or increase savings.

Men can trust Cordell & Cordell attorneys to be advisors and advocates through each stage of the divorce process.

Read what previous clients are saying about their experiences working with Cordell & Cordell divorce attorneys.

Every time I call the office, they know exactly who I am. It’s not ‘let me place you on hold to pull your account up.’ … Overall I am extremely pleased with the services.
-Joshua H.
…It is good to know there is a firm exclusively focused on working with fathers, a firm that protects good, loving and nurturing fathers who love their kids and make them their #1 priority.
I am very impressed with Cordell & Cordell. I am glad that someone woke up to the fact men need advocacy… I feel comfortable with knowing Cordell & Cordell is fighting for men’s rights in family law.
-David F.

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