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Dangers When Behind on Child Support

In a recent article in The Belleville News-Democrat focusing on a man whose outstanding child support debt was brought to the state’s attention, Cordell & Cordell attorney Richard Coffee explained the danger of defaulting on mandated child support payments and possible remedies to deal with the high-interest penalties that are often affixed to such debts.

According to the story, it was the processing of a A $250 stimulus check that brought to light the unpaid child-support debt of Carnell Williams, a Washington Park father of 6.

Because his unpaid child support and accrued penalties at the rate of 9 percent, Williams has accumulated a debt of $163,582.

Mr. Coffee explains the ways that parents who have accumulated these large penalties can seek some relief through negotiations and how the ability to make lump sum payments might be used to leverage such negotiations.


Cordell & Cordell Takes Florida Bar to Court

TAMPA BAY BUSINESS JOURNAL— One law firm has had enough.Cordell & Cordell, a firm focusing on representing men in divorce, has taken the Florida Bar to court over rules governing lawyer and law firm advertising.

In a lawsuit reflecting the ongoing controversy that has erupted over the Florida Bar’s lawyer advertising restrictions, Cordell contends in Tampa federal court that the rules severely restrict protected commercial speech in violation of the first and 14th constitutional amendments.

The complaint involves two advertisements aired over two local radio stations. Matt Leish, a Carlton Fields attorney representing Cordell & Cordell, said he was not authorized to comment. A Bar spokeswoman said the lawsuit is under review.

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Divorce Assets: Keep Them Separate

In the latest installment of Joe Cordell’s weekly column, Divorce Assets: The Divorce Files, the Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner explains the many ways assets, even those held separately, can become commingled during a marriage, thus becoming fair game for division upon divorce.

Cordell gives real-world examples of how good record keeping can save your pre-marriage assets from the divorce court guillotine.

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Danger of Losing Cool in Family Law

As the story of the latest Mel Gibson tirade develops, KPLR-TV in St. Louis asks Cordell & Cordell CEO Joseph Cordell to discuss the consequences of losing your temper especially in family law and child custody situations.

Watch the video as Cordell discusses the admissibility of secretly recorded evidence and offers his opinion on how men facing divorce or custody battles should conduct themselves even when they believe no one’s watching.


Divorce Alimony Explained on AskMen

In the wake of a reported $100 million-dollar payout awarded to Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, many men and women who are approaching the end of their marriage are no doubt wondering what are their chances of receiving alimony or having to support their ex- or soon-to-be ex-spouse after the divorce is finalized.

What are the factors that go into a court’s determination that one side should continue to support the other after the dissolution of a marriage? How much, if any, should be awarded and for how long? And what role do factors such as fault play in the court’s decision?

In the second article of the Divorce Files series, “Divorce Alimony,” Cordell & Cordell principal partner Joseph Cordell explains the factors that come into play in determining if alimony, or “maintenance” as it is often called, is to be awarded in a divorce.

Cordell explains the roles of fault and state jurisdiction as they apply to awards of alimony or maintenance in divorce by giving real-world examples of how Cordell & Cordell, the world’s largest firm focusing on family law for men, has handled this issue in the past.

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