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Preparing For Your Divorce

Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell explained to that preparation is of the utmost importance if a man foresees a divorce in the future.

“Often, guys have a sense a divorce is on its way, and for that reason [a guy] should get an attorney as quickly as he has reason to suspect that a divorce petition is coming down the pike,” he said. “That allows more flexibility and planning time than hiring an attorney after a case has ‘hardened.'”

Divorcing While Dying: Time Magazine

Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell was quoted in TIME Magazine about people trying to divorce from their deathbeds.

Divorcing While Dying” examines the phenomenon that is finding its way into the public eye as a result of some high-visibility divorces.

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Financial Mistakes Made During Divorce

Cordell & Cordell founder Joseph Cordell discusses financial mistakes made during divorce, as well as other common errors men make when first filing.

Bill McLeod, of, discusses what fathers can learn from Cordell and how to be an actively involved parent.

Listen to the interview on common divorce mistakes.

Job Loss and Impact on Child Support

Cordell & Cordell Principal Partner Joseph Cordell was quoted in a New York Times article about how job loss impacts child support.

“With an intact family, everyone ends up having to bear that hardship,” Cordell said. “What we’re finding too often is judges want to insulate mom and the child from dad’s economic nightmare.”

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What Every Man Should Know About Divorce

Joseph Cordell appeared on the Matt & Ramona Radio Show to discuss what he wishes every man knew before picking up the phone to call a divorce attorney. Listeners called in with their questions regarding divorce, child custody and support.

Listen to the divorce discussion about how to prepare for your divorce initial consultation.