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Child Custody Law Philadelphia

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Child Custody Law Philadelphia

Child custody refers to the rights and obligations between parents, regarding their children, after a divorce, legal separation, or paternity decree.

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Where is our Philadelphia office? Cordell & Cordell’s Philadelphia, PA, office is located at 1601 Market St., in Suite 2230 in between 16th and 17th St. If driving, take either I-676, I-76, or I-95 into Center City. The office is across the street from Liberty One, on block west of City Hall. The nearest parking garages available are at 1700 Market St. and LAZ Centre Square Parking.

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Often, the court designates one parent as the primary physical custodian, giving the other parent a schedule of temporary custody and visitation. In some cases, however, the court orders joint legal and physical custody, by which, both parents have substantial access to their children.

child with arguing parents

Physical Custody

Refers to the amount of time each parent is permitted physically with a child.
sick child with doctor

Legal Custody

Refers to a parent’s decision-making rights regarding a child’s health, education, and welfare
family with councilor

Custody Factors

Almost every state determines child custody issues based on a best-interest-of-the-child standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to live in Philadelphia to file for divorce?
Is there a mandatory waiting period in Philadelphia before a divorce can be granted?

There is a mandatory waiting period in Pennsylvania of 90 days from the date of filing the divorce.

At that time the parties may sign consents to the divorce if they so choose.

How can I serve my spouse in Philadelphia? If attempts to serve do not work, can I serve by publication?

The first attempt to serve is typically done via regular and certified mail, simultaneously.

If that fails you would attempt personal service through an adult over the age of 18 who has no interest in the case, or you would hire a service provider.

If this fails you will have to serve by publication.

What are the specific forms I will need to file for a divorce in Philadelphia?

In all of Pennsylvania you must attach a copy of your marriage certificate to your complaint.

In Philadelphia County, you must also fill out a Domestic Relations Information Sheet as well.

Where do I file for divorce in Philadelphia, PA?

For Philadelphia County, you file at the Family Law Clerk’s office located at 1133 Chestnut St. on the first floor.

How much are filing fees at the local courthouse?

Filing fees range from $300-500 and it depends on the counts you include, such as custody and/or support.