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If you made it here, it means you’re on a mission to become the best Father you can be! “Father’s Fridays” is a thought-provoking live webinar series diving into the nitty-gritty of family life. It made its debut in June of 2023, featuring Scott Trout, the CEO of Cordell & Cordell, along with an array of family focused guests. Together Mr. Trout, our guests, and a few Cordell & Cordell attorneys along the way serve up advice on practical topics like:

  • Meal planning
  • Family fun activities
  • How to create unforgettable moments with your kids
  • Must-have family resources
  • And more!

I was honored to be part of the Father’s Fridays series with Cordell & Cordell because just like the Art of Fatherhood, Cordell and Cordell looks to celebrate all dads and their unique stories as fathers. We need to recognize all fathers and I felt like the Father’s Fridays series was all about doing just that, promoting positive stories from and about dads.
- Art Eddy, Host of the Art of Fatherhood Podcast

Now, the invitation stands – we want you to be part of these conversations. Tune in, watch the episodes, and let’s navigate the world of fatherhood together. Consider yourself invited to a table full of insights, laughter, and growth. Join us for “Father’s Fridays” – a platform for meaningful conversations and shared growth among dads.

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What About Dinner? Meals and Meal Prep for Fathers

Jennifer Anderson, the founder of Kids Eat in Color, and her husband Paul Anderson, discuss the incredible programs and services offered by Kids Eat in Color, a company dedicated to supporting parents in raising healthy eaters.

Navigating Kids, Social Media, and Reclaiming Family Time

Dustin Dailey, the VP of Product Management at OurPact, joins us, as he discusses the remarkable features and services offered by OurPact, a parental control app and family locator.

Tools For Managing Family Life

CEO of BusyKid, Gregg Murset explores the world of financial literacy for kids and highlights the BusyKid app, designed to teach children how to manage their money and invest in real stocks.

Spending Active Time With Your Kids

Mary Clark, CEO of Agents of Discovery, and Misty Mitchell, Director of Conservation Programs at Wonders of Wildlife, delve into the features of Agents of Discovery, an app created to foster outdoor exploration and learning.

The Art of Fatherhood

Our wonderful supporter, Art Eddy, host of "The Art of Fatherhood" podcast, journeys through his own experiences in fatherhood.