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Cordell & Cordell Family Law Practice Areas

Declaración de paternidad

Asegúrate de recibir todos tus derechos de paternidad al presentar una declaración de paternidad. Cordell & Cordell te ayudará a asegurar tu tiempo con tus hijos y que no pagues de más en la manutención de menores.

División de bienes

¿Quién recibe qué cosas? ¿Cómo se dividirán los bienes matrimoniales?


Si te enfrentas a un divorcio contencioso o un divorcio sin oposición nuestros abogados en derecho de familia te ayudarán a desarrollar tus metas para el divorcio y a prepararte para tu caso.

Guarda y custodia de menores

Tus hijos son lo que más te importa. Un abogado en derecho de familia de Cordell & Cordell luchará por maximizar tu participación en la vida de tus hijos.

Manutención de cónyuge

La manutención de cónyuge o la pensión compensatoria es dinero que se le paga a tu ex para mantener el estilo de vida al cual se acostumbró cuando estaban casados. Cordell & Cordell luchará para proteger tus intereses y finanzas.

Manutención de menores

Esto es lo que tradicionalmente paga el padre con menor custodia a la persona con mayor custodia. Un abogado de Cordell & Cordell luchará por conservar tus intereses económicos y los de tus hijos.

Modificación de decretos

Si te encuentras en una situación en la que recibes menores ingresos, o si tu ex tiene un potencial de ingresos mayor a los tuyos, Cordell & Cordell puede ayudarte a solicitar una modificación de decretos anteriores.

Orden de protección

Una orden de protección se considera en táctica como un arma nuclear y se está empleando con mayor frecuencia en casos de derecho de familia.

Procedimientos de desacato

Éstos se inician cuando ha habido un quebrantamiento de alguna orden judicial.

Separación legal

(en los estados donde esto es permitido.)

Client Testimonials


5 Stars

«​Christina is a great communicator, she keeps me informed, as well as really listens to my concerns and wants.»

John M.

5 Stars

«​I am very satisfied with Christina Diaz working on my case. She is an outstanding attorney!»

Christopher B.

5 Stars

«​The firm did an outstanding job representing me in a very complicated divorce. Christina Diaz did a fantastic job and she did a great job representing me. I always felt like she had my back and was going to protect me from being exploited by the legal process.»

Jose N.

5 Stars

«​I am very satisfied with Amanda. She has been very supportive. She is a guiding light and has provided me with great advice.»

Bruce C.

5 Stars

Christina Returns calls and explains everything well. She’s pretty good.

Charles L.

5 Stars

«My attorney displayed a vast amount of knowledge when handling my case, which meant so much to me because it was a very difficult time in my life. Alison assured me from the first visit that she would work hard to ensure that I am represented in the best way, focusing on my pension and all the other important issues that I was concerned about. During the whole process, Alison and her staff made me feel that they cared about my well-being, and that always made me feel that I had made the right decision by choosing Cordell & Cordell. Alison has a great future in representing this firm, and I am confident that other clients that choose this firm and [are] fortunate to have Alison as their attorney will be very satisfied with the firm. I can’t reiterate it enough, but thanks Alison, you are the best.»

Greg C.

5 Stars

«… I had no where to turn or go and was helpless and hopeless. I turned to Cordell & Cordell, and they provided me Amanda. After a … failed mandated mediation where my ex would not face me, Amanda’s next move saved my relationship with my daughter. … We got in front of the judge a few weeks later, and Amanda was incredible in that courtroom. I still talk about it to this day. I’ve never seen anything like it. She was so prepared, was a well-oiled machine, and made a very nerve-racking experience for me very calm after the first 10 minutes. She listened to my whole story, the good and the bad, understood it and represented me for me … I wish all the best for Amanda and her career, and feel I still owe for what she has done for me. …  Thank you, Amanda!»

David C.

5 Stars

«I am very satisfied.  I was told what was going to happen and [was] kept informed of everything I needed to know in advance.  I felt very well-prepared.  Amanda seemed very smart and listened to me.  She figured out what I wanted very quickly and how to move forward accordingly.»

Charles L.

5 Stars

«My divorce is over now , but I can truly say that my attorney, Alison Morriss, was the greatest in my opinion. Ms. Morris was always communicating with me in a timely manner, [and] she would reason with me and advise me of the best way to address issues that I felt [weren’t] right. …  Alison would not let me have it my [way] because she knew what was best for me, and she was right. Her staff was great and professional and courteous towards me at all times, which means a lot when you are going through a divorce. …  I cannot give enough positive comments about Ms. Morriss.  She is the best.»


5 Stars

«Alison has been very understanding of [my] unique situation. She has given me options to remedy situations that arise. Alison needs to be considered for a Partner with the firm. She is a subject-matter expert on various situations. I have been impressed with the compassion she has shown for me personally. She has been very professional and always on top of the issue. Cordell & Cordell can handle the most difficult, hostile, unpeaceful divorces in a professional, peaceful way. This is money well spent. They will work for you.»


5 Stars

«Amanda did a great job.  She did the best with what she was up against.  I am very pleased with the service.  I would hope I wouldn’t have to, but if I needed legal services again, I would come back to you guys.»

Antonio P.

5 Stars

«She’s very direct, but yet professional.  I’m not an easy client, and my case is somewhat unique; Amanda just took it by the horns.  I feel for once that someone is on my side.»


5 Stars

«… If I get into another situation, I would seek out Amanda again.  For someone like me who is in and out of the country, I [had] peace of mind knowing my attorneys were at work for me.  They really worked with me around my schedule, which was key.»

Gregory C.

5 Stars

«Amanda has been amazing.  I was losing hope with the amount of money I was spending and the results were not going well. Eventually we had a court case, and Amanda shined. I was so impressed. [It] instantly justified the money spent when I saw her in action, and she prepared me perfectly. I was so nervous, but she made it very easy for me.»


5 Stars

«Alison has been an outstanding lawyer, understanding the difficulty of my situation and giving me advice how to deal with the situation. This has helped put me at ease and at peace. Alison is dealing with things very professionally, with substance and reality. She’s kept me out of trouble. It’s been quite difficult, but Alison has helped me to deal with the situation.»

James R.

5 Stars

«Things have been very smooth and easy. Everyone has been very patient with me and I really appreciate it. They have [been] great – I can’t complain.»

Another Satisfied Father

5 Stars

«Amanda has been great. She has brought the law to layman’s terms and has leveled the playing field for me.»

James R.

5 Stars

«Amanda is very responsive and is on top of things. Amanda has made me feel comfortable. No matter what happens, I know that she has tried her best.»

* Rating based on internal client satisfaction surveys. Review Policy.

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