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Our Culture

Join a firm with a radically client-centered culture

At Cordell & Cordell, we believe that our clients deserve the very best. In that sense, we operate more like a traditional business than a law firm. We believe in providing great customer service, much like any person would be used to expecting and receiving at any other business that prides themselves on their reputation and their word-of-mouth advertising.

To that end, we have implemented several services such as Practice Quality, Client Care, Account Care and many others to ensure that we are living up to our philosophy of treating the customers with the same level of respect and excellence that we would desire for ourselves.

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Our Purpose

Our sole purpose is to protect and promote men’s financial and family interests in all stages of divorce.

Our Mission

We are advisors and advocates for men before, during and after divorce, with a passionate and intelligent devotion to excellence.

  • Our passionate devotion to excellence calls us to rigorous honesty, loyalty and tenacity
  • Our intelligent devotion to excellence calls us to great imagination, organization and proficiency

Our Values

  1. Partnership
  2. Passion
  3. Proficiency
  4. Preparation
  5. Initiative
  6. Imagination
  7. Innovation
  8. Integrity

Our Community

We also realize that there are great needs among each of us, right here in the U.S. and abroad. Cordell and Cordell hopes to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us. Join us as a professional, but more importantly, join us as we strive to be a helping hand to those in need through various charitable efforts.

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