Christopher Faircloth

Litigation Attorney

Christopher Faircloth finds satisfaction in representing people.

“I spent the last several years representing companies and corporations and have learned it is not as satisfying as helping individual people directly,” he says. “Family law better complements my skill set and personal interests, and I look forward to getting to work to help clients in their time of need.”

Mr. Faircloth has a background in writing, with degrees in English and Journalism, and has spent much of his career working in criminal defense, which gives him a unique take on family law.

“I think my background has refined my ability to see and consider conflict from all perspectives, which proves helpful in finding solutions to those conflicts,” he says. “I’m the type of attorney who prefers to approach conflict in a straightforward manner, and I enjoy finding reasonable, sometimes creative solutions; however, I will not hesitate to stand firm whenever necessary to represent your interests on the matters that are most meaningful to you.”