Trent Scheurman

Associate Attorney

San Diego attorney Trent Scheurman wants to help men that are experiencing one of the most stressful and trying times of their lives. Attorney Scheurman wishes to assist people that feel abandoned and isolated; to ensure proper justice and be the reliable force clients need to feel heard, understood, and fought for; and to form a meaningful and beneficial relationship with his client-base instead of having his clients feel like his services are non-personal business transactions.

“I pride myself on my ability to simplify complex legal issues into layman’s terms,” he says. “What’s that mean? It means that complexity is the enemy of clarity. You deserve clear, straight forward answers to your questions with no answers that aren’t really answers. I will advocate for you with the full force of the law and our team behind you. We do things the right way the first time.”

He also puts a high priority on the attorney-client relationship.

“You and I or any attorney at our firm are a team,” he says. “We know the law, you know your partner or spouse. Working together gives us the best chance to get you the best results for your circumstances. Communicating frequently is the best way to ensure your goals are being prioritized and met.”