Samuel D. Patry

Senior Lead Litigator

Louisville and Cincinnati divorce attorney Samuel D. Patry began practicing in Ohio in 2007. Mr. Patry initially served as an assistant municipal prosecutor and subsequently served as an assistant county prosecutor in Allen County, Ohio.

After moving into the private sector, Mr. Patry’s practice areas included small business representation (formation and transactions), commercial litigation, estate planning and probate administration, and family law.

Mr. Patry initially joined Cordell and Cordell out of a desire to practice in an area of law which would afford the ability to help people going through difficult times in their lives.

Mr. Patry, in describing why he chooses to practice at Cordell and Cordell stated, “Cordell and Cordell not only permits me but supports me in my desire to provide my clients the kind of representation I would want for myself. I educate my clients on the law that will impact their case, discuss their goals, and we work together towards reaching those goals. Ultimately, through empathy and taking the time each case deserves, I strive to provide the type of counsel and advocacy I would want during some of the most trying times of my life.”