Oliver L. Herthneck - An Independence Divorce Attorney

Oliver L. Herthneck

Litigation Attorney

Independence Divorce Attorney Oliver Herthneck Independence divorce attorney Oliver L. Herthneck practices family law because it offers an opportunity to ensure that no two days are alike. More than that, it also affords an opportunity to develop relationships with people by helping them through one of their most difficult moments.

The divorce process can take some time, and there are no guarantees, but Mr. Herthneck is the kind of attorney who will do whatever possible to help protect your rights and the rights of your children.

“I want my clients to understand that they are gaining an advocate who is willing to fight for them and who will always keep them in the loop as to the status of their case, and various options moving forward, including the pros and cons with each,” Mr. Herthneck said.

Licenses & Admissions

Mr. Herthneck is licensed to practice in Ohio.


Mr. Herthneck received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Ohio State University. He earned his Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve University.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Mr. Herthneck worked as a general counsel, a general practitioner, a law clerk and associate, and a legal intern.

As a legal intern, he focused in regulatory compliance issues relevant to an industrial operation with facilities in many different countries worldwide.

As a law clerk and associate, he represented independent dealers of consumer products – dealing with products liability, vicarious liability, and business formation.

As a general practitioner, he focused mostly on small business, civil litigation, and family law matters.



“Oliver is very easy to talk to. He gets back to me quickly and always explains everything very well. I have been very pleased working with Oliver. He’s doing a great job!”


“Oliver is very thorough. Level of communication is key to me, and Oliver has far exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with Oliver and confident moving forward with him!”


“Oliver was really good at staying on top of things. He always got back to me very quickly. He was very easy to work with and always kept me up to date. Oliver always made sure I understood what was going on with my case. He was great! He really took the time to break things down for me. He always asked my opinion, he’d then give me his and together we’d make a decision. Oliver would keep me informed if things changed as soon as it happened. If I didn’t like what took place, he would act quickly on that and keep me updated the entire time. … I’ve never worked with a divorce attorney before, but I have worked with attorneys prior to this. I have to say, Oliver was just a real good guy and a pleasure to work with!”


“Oliver was great! He was quick and efficient! As soon as I came to Cordell & Cordell, he got things rolling! This experience was night and day from my prior counsel! I met with [a Litigation Manager] originally, and she really sold me on your firm. Coming to Cordell & Cordell was a huge improvement! I couldn’t be happier with you all and my experience.”


“I have been back and forth several times over the last 12 years since my divorce. You all have been more responsive than any other firm I’ve ever worked with. The level of professionalism I received all around was great! I really appreciate everything Oliver has done for me.”


“Oliver is very thorough! He’s really great at communication. I am never left wondering what’s going on. I always know that he’s there and he has my back. He’s doing a great job! Honestly, he’s perfect! I can’t say enough good things about him!”


“Oliver was great! … He was very easy to talk to and work with. I am really appreciative of everything he did for me.”


“Oliver is really good at getting back to me no matter what time I call him and I really appreciate that.”


“Oliver went above and beyond! I have nothing but praise for him. I’m a truck driver and a pain of a client to work with. I’m all over and in different time zones all the time. Oliver had a lot of patience with me and was very easy to get along with. He was very responsive! He once got back to me on Sunday night, when I wasn’t even expecting it. I was really blown away by that. He is a really great guy! Oliver is just phenomenal.”


“Oliver did a great job! know I can be difficult and I imagine he works with clients that are very strong willed like myself all the time. He certainly did an admirable job adapting to that. I have nothing but good things to say!”


“Oliver is great! He is always responsive. Our conversations have gone very well. … I have nothing but good things to say about Oliver!”


“Oliver always answered all of my questions in a timely manner and always understood the emotional stress a divorce can take on a person. Oliver was very helpful through the whole process. These type of situations are never simple for the clients and Oliver was always willing to explain everything in a simple and understanding manner.”