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Nida Wood

Litigation Manager

Nida Chaudhri WoodNida Wood always wanted to have a career where she could make a difference and help individuals, so she decided law school was the best route in order to achieve this goal.

“Family law takes this a step further since all issues in family law are so personal and emotional for each individual,” Ms. Wood said. “Issues in family law can affect a person’s life forever. The opportunity to help people in potentially life-lasting issues is very rewarding.”

Going through a domestic litigation issue can be one of the most difficult things a person experiences in their life, according to Ms. Wood.

“It is a tough road, but it is imperative that clients are completely honest with their attorney, whether the facts are favorable or unfavorable, so that the attorney can represent their client to the fullest,” she said.

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Wood is licensed to practice law in Texas.


Ms. Wood received her Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Houston and her Juris Doctor from South Texas College of Law.

Professional Experience

In addition to her background in family law, Ms. Wood has practiced criminal law, civil litigation law and small business law.


Ms. Wood is a member of the State Bar of Texas – Family Law Section, the Houston Young Lawyers Association and the Asian Pacific American Advocates.


As a volunteer at Immigration Neighborhood Forums, Ms. Wood assisted individuals in filling out their immigration forms. That work earned her a Pro Bono Honors Certificate in law school.

She has also served as pro bono attorney for Lone Star Legal Aid and volunteered for the Asian Pacific American Advocates by updating their Houston directory of attorneys and contacts.



“Nida has done an outstanding job representing me. She’s been very aggressive. I have nothing but good things to say about her. Even the first guy I talked to at the firm talked about how good Nida was and all the good feedback she gets, and he was right.”


“I’m very happy with everything; the process and how everything came to a conclusion. Nida was great to work with. She definitely kept me in the loop and gave me good options. She is very goal-oriented  and just great all-around.”


“Oh, nothing… nothing could have been better. Nida was very professional, wonderful and everything. Everything was just perfect. I was very happy.”


“Nida has been awesome. I think she is really sharp. I’ve been really frustrated with the other side, but that isn’t her fault, so there isn’t anything we can do about that! She’s really been doing a good job.”


“I really liked Nida. She was really responsive throughout my whole case. She always got back to me quickly whenever I would call her. She did an overall great job.”


“Nida has been very professional. She takes care of business and moves forward with my stuff very quickly. She always sends me email updates to keep me up to date. She does a good job, and I’m very happy with her performance. Be sure you keep her!”


“Nida was great. To me she is obviously very honest and extremely straightforward. She knows the law really well. She keeps you from making mistakes and protects you and your interests. She’s an excellent protector. She doesn’t play games; she’s just very straight. She doesn’t try to manipulate, and I really liked that. I was totally comfortable with her. I believe she’s a good representation of what your firm stands for.”


“Nida was on top of her game. She really took care of business. She never left me hanging, and she always kept me informed. She’s a very good lawyer, and I appreciated having her.”


“I have had a number of encounters with a number of attorneys. My experience with Cordell & Cordell, mainly through you, has been awesome. Way over the top with professionalism, speed, responses, everything. Again, Ms. Wood, you have been truly great. I have huge respect for you and what you’re doing. Because of you, I’m now where I needed to be 7 years ago. This is a success. Thank you for that.”


“Nida has been excellent at communication and helping me understand the progression of my case.”


“Ms. Wood has been the consummate professional. As expected, the divorce has been stressful, but her confidence and her response to any and all issues really helped to alleviate a lot of my concerns and apprehensions. I sincerely appreciate her efforts, and as ironic as it sounds in an unenjoyable situation, I enjoyed working with her.”


“… Nida knows her clients have lives and are stressed. She does her best to follow through and work with me.”

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