Nicholas J. Roeder

Senior Litigation Attorney

Oak Brook divorce attorney Nicholas J. Roeder first gained an interest in family law during law school where he worked as a law clerk and extern for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office prosecuting child abuse and neglect cases. Through that experience, he learned how the court system can affect parents and children, both positively and negatively.

After graduating law school, he wanted to continue using his knowledge and experience to help parents and children navigate some of the most difficult and challenging times of their lives.

“For reach client I make sure to calmly and clearly explain the law, their options, and the range of potential outcomes that can result so they can make the most informed decisions possible,” Mr. Roeder said. “A client with a good understanding of the law is more likely to make informed decisions rather than emotional decisions.

“I will make the process as stress-free as possible by keeping them informed, ensuring they understand the ‘why’ behind each decision, and making sure they know what to expect throughout the entirety of their case.”