Nadir Chaouni

Associate Attorney

Oak Brook divorce attorney Nadir Chaouni pursued family law because he has an interest in family dynamics and chose to study family and child development in his undergraduate studies. The appeal in pursuing family law is the assistance attorneys provide clients in difficult familial situations.

“I have a want to help people who are entering a difficult time with the family transition and offer them my services that enable them to resolve issues in and out of court in a respectful and dignified manner,” Mr. Chaouni said.

If Mr. Chaouni has one defining characteristic that assists him in his practice of family law, he says it is his organizational skills.

“In this profession, it is imperative that an attorney is organized in order to provide clients with the best representation possible,” he said.

The divorce process is contingent on many factors, but Mr. Chaouni is committed to doing everything within his power to put his clients in a good position as they move on with their lives.

“I am the type of attorney that will be transparent, creative in developing options for resolutions, and help them reach an agreement that is likely to serve them well over time,” he said.