Mysti L. Dennis - Cordell & Cordell Houston Divorce Attorney

Mysti L. Dennis

Lead Litigator

Dennis_MystiMysti L. Dennis began practicing family law to help families recover and heal from the devastation of life changes.

“When you’re dealing with the people you love most in life everyone needs someone to help protect their interests and guide them to a place of healing and recovery,” Ms. Dennis said.

It is imperative to a case that there is open and honest communication between a client and his attorney. That’s why Ms. Dennis thinks being candid at all times, whether a client wants to hear it or not, is one of her defining characteristics that makes her a successful attorney.

One of her more memorable successful cases was having her client awarded primary custody of his child after proving the mother, who was awarded custody under temporary orders, was not properly fit to be the primary caregiver.

“I feel most passionate about custody cases,” Ms. Dennis said. “I believe that every parent has the right to participate in the life of their children to the fullest extent.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Dennis is licensed to practice law in Texas.


Ms. Dennis received her Bachelor of Arts from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and her Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School. She also received her Master of Laws from University of Houston Law Center.

Professional Experience

Ms. Dennis primarily practiced probate and tax litigation before joining Cordell & Cordell.


Ms. Dennis belongs to the State Bar of Texas and the State Bar of Texas Family Law Section.


“I can’t think of anything that could have been done better. Mysti was very helpful.  She was able to take care of my requirements as they were outlined to her, in a reasonable amount of time.”
"Mysti is great. She listens and cooperates. I’ve always been concerned that attorneys will be difficult and charge more hours just because they can, but she’s been good about that and always gives good advice.”
“She’s been great. She’s been fantastic. ... She helps me make the best possible decisions in this process.”
“I thought Mysti was really knowledgeable. She always answered all of my questions and was very nice about it. I’d say she is the perfect mixture of knowledge and politeness.”
“Mysti is just delightful to work with. She is very pleasant and has a strategy mindset. I liked working with her because she is good at coming up with alternative plans when necessary. She has a very good litigation mind.”
"I was extremely impressed immediately with Mysti Dennis. She was able to identify the extreme concerns I had regarding my case and went to work immediately to establish court-assigned provisions. She was very prepared at every court appearance and very knowledgeable on how to proceed. On our last court date Mysti was not feeling well and rather than send an alternate attorney, she was with me that day. I could not have asked for better representation, communication, [or] sensitivity to my case. ... She was awesome. [She] did a wonderful job.  Great follow up and keeping me informed.
"Mysti presented herself very professionally and always looked out for my best interests, even though it wasn't always the easiest way."
"Mysti has done everything exceptionally well and has made this experience a very pleasant one."

"Ms. Dennis and Angie Nguyen are a force to reckon with. Their commitment to getting favorable results in my case was top notch. Keep up the fantastic client care.​"


"Mysti Dennis did everything I expected and then some. She took my only fear of losing my children away. She was awesome! Everything happened exactly how she said it would and eased my mind all the way."

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