Monica A. Timmerman

Senior Litigation Attorney

Memphis divorce attorney Monica Timmerman has found that many people do not understand their rights or how to protect their assets and interests before and after divorce.

She also has witnessed how the family court system often works against the interest of fathers and wants to encourage the presence of dads in the lives of their children.

“Men, specifically, tend to believe that they have to give up that presence when divorce occurs,” Ms. Timmerman said.

Family law litigants need to feel like their attorney understands their needs and will advocate protecting their interests. Ms. Timmerman genuinely enjoys interacting with people and trying to make this very difficult time a little bit easier on her clients.

“This is not like TV,” she said. “The process can be as long and hard, or as easy and simple, as the parties make it. I am the type of attorney that is going to communicate with you each step of the way and keep you informed.

“As far as what to expect, I like to explain discovery, depositions, mediation, etc., so that my client understands going in what to expect.”

Ms. Timmerman’s goal is to meet and exceed her client’s expectations in her legal representation.

“This starts by identifying each individual client’s specific needs,” she said. “No two cases are the same, but they all deserve the same zealous advocacy.”