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Marcee C. Duvall

Senior Litigation Attorney

Springfield divorce attorney Marcee C. Duvall

Springfield divorce attorney Marcee C. Duvall has watched friends and family members go through the agony of divorce. She has seen first-hand how one person with unreasonable expectations can cause months, or even years, of arguments, disagreements, trauma, and litigation that can affect not only that person, but their spouse and children.

“If I can help my clients to learn how to navigate the divorce process and to co-parent with someone so unreasonable on the other side, I hope that I can bring some calm, peace, and healing to the most difficult time in their lives,” Ms. Duvall said.

Ms. Duvall is compassionate and empathetic. She understands that some clients may feel very sad about approaching divorce or parentage litigation.

“Being forced to argue over decisions that affect your children can cause people to become very defensive and protective,” she said. “Some people may not feel much of anything at first and take time to emotionally grasp the changes that are happening in their lives. All of these feelings can change at any given time. Healing take time and comes in many different ways.”

However, she also understands that there can be great feelings of relief that come with finding the end of a very difficult and emotionally draining process. She is there to walk with each client through the entire process.

“Regardless of where they start or end the process emotionally, I will be by their side helping them to make the best decisions possible,” she said. “My goal is that at the end of each client’s case, my clients find themselves in a better place than where they started and that they are situated to pursue a better, stronger, and healthier life for themselves and their children.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Duvall is licensed to practice in Illinois.


Ms. Duvall earned her Juris Doctor from Baylor University School of Law.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Duvall practiced family law, divorce, child support, maintenance, and orders of protection.


  • Kane County Bar Association, 2005