Lorin Levitan

Litigation Attorney

Attorney Lorin Levitan practices family law because it has impacted her family, and she wants to help others in similar situations.

“Family law appealed to me because my significant other has two kids. Child support and custody is already sorted out through the court, but as Cordell & Cordell points out on their website, his rights were stacked against him as a father and I did not think his experience with the court process was entirely fair,” she says. “I could not help in his situation, but I enjoy fighting for fathers’ rights at Cordell and Cordell.”

Ms. Levitan says one of her strengths as an attorney is her ability to work well under pressure.

“Sometimes my best work comes when I’m under pressure, and my love for new challenges often pushes me outside my comfort zone, to that area where growth and improvement occurs,” she says. “I am passionate about practicing law and my clients can count on me to consistently work my hardest to fight for their rights and a fair outcome.”