Leah Perdue

Litigation Attorney

Both of Tulsa divorce attorney Leah Perdue’s parents are public servants, so she grew up with a very strong desire to help people in some capacity going through sensitive or difficult times. Initially, she gravitated toward criminal law because that was what she knew, and she thought she would be able to make the biggest impact there.

The longer she practiced in that field, the more isolated she became from the community she went to law school to help.

“In family law, every day I have the chance to help a client whether it is something small or something major,” Ms. Perdue said, “and that continuing client contact is a wonderful reminder of why I started her professional journey to begin with.”

Ms. Perdue practices as she would expect someone to practice for her. That includes communication, honesty, respect, and zealous advocacy.

“No one takes on the responsibility of a marriage or a child thinking they will be meeting an attorney one day,” she said, “but with communication between attorney and client, a process the client likely never anticipated can become something productive to meet the client’s end goals.”