Laura Stack

Litigation Manager

Whether she is helping a father establish his paternal rights or helping a father gain equal rights to his children in a divorce, Milwaukee divorce attorney Laura Stack is passionate about helping her clients with the most important part of their lives: their families.

Ms. Stack takes pride in taking a structured approach to each of her client’s cases. Her experience has taught her that organization is crucial to keep cases moving in the right direction.

“Having good structure in a case leads to success, whether that is with your client relationship, the set up of a case, or the structuring of the issues,” Ms. Stack said. “I believe having good structure helps to keep cases on the right track.”

Ms. Stack takes a vested interest in each case she works on and is dedicated to doing everything possible to help them reach their goals.

“I will fight for you as your attorney and I am going to get you what you deserve,” Ms. Stack said.