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L. Whitney Thwaites

Senior Litigation Attorney

Charleston divorce attorney L. Whitney Thwaites

Charleston divorce attorney L. Whitney Thwaites knew she wanted to be a lawyer by the time she was 10 years old.

Ms. Thwaites’ father was a lawyer and a judge and she grew up hearing hilarious stories from law school and from his experience practicing law. He loved labor law. In fact, he loved learning about and practicing labor law so much that while he was working, he would lose track of time. Naturally, she wanted to find something that provided her with that same passion, and she knew I would find it somewhere in the legal field.

Ms. Thwaites’ educational background parallels that of many lawyers. She went to undergraduate school and majored in political science, then she went to law school. During her first year of law school, she began to understand the way lawyers thought and reasoned.

It was at this point that she knew she was not only born with the “lawyer gene,” but that her father had trained her to think like a lawyer her entire life.

At first, she wanted to be a big-time defense attorney, just like her dad, with a corner office and a Mercedes Benz. Over time, her mentality changed significantly.

After going through a substantial, life-changing event, her purpose for her life and career shifted. She decided she wanted to find an area of the law where she could successfully apply her life experience, her education, her legal experience and her skill set to help others faced with similar, life-changing events. She found exactly what she was looking for when she met her former senior partner and longtime mentor in the practice of family law.

Coming from a family of lawyers, she was surrounded by them most of her life. Many of her father’s former colleagues and friends from law practice have become close friends and mentors to her.

Her father told her to memorize the following phrase and to live by it: In real estate, it is all about location, location, location. In litigation, it is all about preparation, preparation, preparation. She has taken this advice to heart and believes one of the most important aspects of law practice is preparedness.

Her mentor told her many years back that there is a solution to every problem and it is her job as a lawyer to find that solution. That resonated deeply once she began working on complicated family law cases, with multiple issues in a thousand different directions.

Another important lesson she has learned is that when individuals find themselves in a situation where their marriage is not working, they often feel broken and lost, without any idea of where to turn. What they need is an experienced divorce lawyer, with the right balance of compassion and tenacity to help them aggressively pursue a better future for themselves and their children.

She is that lawyer. She has a high track record for obtaining successful results for her clients that meet the goals and expectations they have had since the day they retained her services.

Whether it is through litigation, negotiation, or a combination of the two, Ms. Thwaites provide her clients with the representation that best serves their interests based on her many years of serving as a family law practitioner, which has led to her extensive knowledge of South Carolina family law.

If you are looking for an experienced divorce and child custody attorney, with the legal knowledge, the passion for helping you reach your goals, and the tenacity to provide you with the aggressive legal representation necessary for doing so, then she is the attorney for you.

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Thwaites is licensed to practice in South Carolina.


Ms. Thwaites received her bachelor of arts in political science from the College of Charleston where she graduated magna cum laude. She earned her juris doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law. While in law school, she was the articles editor for the Southeastern Environmental Law Journal.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Thwaites was selected for one of the coveted clerkships with the Honorable Shirley C. Robinson in Columbia South Carolina. After her judicial clerkship, she began focusing her practice on personal injury law and family law. Soon, family law became her primary practice area.


  • South Carolina Bar Association
  • Charleston County Bar Association
  • Berkeley County Bar Association
  • Dorchester County Bar Association
  • Women Lawyers’ Bar Association