Kirstin J. Greene

Litigation Attorney

Raleigh divorce attorney Kirstin J. Greene is interested in helping people resolve personal conflicts in a respectful, efficient, professional, and competent manner. She recognizes that family law matters are extremely sensitive and emotional to the parties involved.

“I take pride being the person to wade through the emotions to help my clients reach their goals,” Ms. Greene said.

Ms. Greene can persuasively synthesize information while showing the utmost deference to the court. She is not easily swayed by someone else’s opinion on the case and has no reservation advocating for her client in court.

“If at all possible, my preference would be to settle; however, if a settlement cannot be reached, I welcome the opportunity to zealously litigate for my client’s interests,” she said.

Although she cannot completely understand what her client is personally going through, she is always empathetic to the situation and works her hardest to help them move on to the next life chapter on solid footing.

“I have a healthy fear of being underprepared, so to compensate for that fear, I do everything in my power to ensure I am well-versed in the facts of the case, the applicable law, the presiding judge, and opposing counsel.