Kathleen Begley

Associate Attorney

Associate Attorney Kathleen Begley pursued family law because she always imagined that she would have a career in which she helps people.

“When someone is getting a divorce or looking to change a child custody agreement, it’s likely that they are experiencing one of the more difficult times of their lives,” she says. “Given this, I want to be a person that my clients can trust. I want to reassure my clients that I am fighting for and advocating for their best interests, and that I understand how high the stakes are because it is their life.”

Ms. Begley is an empathetic and free-spirited person, which led her to the field of social work, where she honed her active listening and crisis de-escalation skills.

“I believe these skills are vital in the practice of family law, and I intend to get across to my clients that I care about what they are going through, I am not here to judge them under any circumstance, and I will fiercely advocate for their interests and goals,” she says. “If I had to tell my client one thing during the first meeting about the process, the type of attorney I am, and what to expect during the case I would say this: I am the type of attorney who values professionalism and respect, even in response to behavior that is neither.

“My clients can expect me to take a calm, collected and purposeful approach in dealing with opposing parties. They can expect me to be well-versed on the statutes and any relevant case law that may be present in their case, and they can expect me to take the time to explain it.”