Jonah Dickey

Senior Litigation Attorney

There are two things that are more important to Virginia Beach divorce lawyer Jonah Dickey than anything: his faith and his family. Because of those values, and his strong belief in helping men stay close to their children and keep their rights as fathers, Mr. Dickey chooses to practice family law.

When traversing through the divorce process, men will face difficult, uncomfortable circumstances. Mr. Dickey works to build a strong relationship with each of his clients to ease their stress as much as possible during this trying time.

He’s also honest and upfront with each client about what he thinks they can reasonably achieve in court so that they know where they stand throughout the process.

Above all else, Mr. Dickey possesses an intense passion to make sure each client that he represents gets a fair shake in court and retains their right to be involved in their children’s lives.

“Every client has a voice and a story that deserves to be heard,” Mr. Dickey said, “and I believe it is my job to make sure they are afforded that opportunity.”