Jessica A. Millage - A Cordell & Cordell Des Moines Divorce Attorney

Jessica A. Millage

Senior Litigation Attorney

Des Moines Divorce Attorney Jessica MillageDes Moines divorce attorney Jessica A. Millage understands that divorce is one of the single most stressful events a person experiences. She finds it rewarding to advise and support her clients through that process and help them find the best resolution to a difficult situation.

Through all the chaos of divorce, Ms. Millage manages to maintain a strong sense of composure. She regularly reminds her clients in custody cases to always think about the future and not to focus only on what makes sense right now.

“Your children’s needs and schedules will change drastically as they grow up, and the adults will go through their own life changes as they move on from the relationship,” Ms. Millage said. “It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of the situation, and my role is to help you see the big picture and find the best path to move forward.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Millage is licensed to practice in Iowa.


Ms. Millage received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Grand View University. She earned her Juris Doctor from Drake University.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell and Cordell, Ms. Millage worked for a nonprofit organization representing children in the court system, then went into private practice focusing on family, criminal, and litigation.


  • Iowa Bar Association, 2004


"​My experience with everyone has far exceeded my expectations! It feels great to finally have an attorney that fights for my rights and helps try to bring balance into my life. Thank you and please keep up the wonderful work!"
"I like how Jessica is more hands-on and involved. It's nice to have an attorney I can really talk with.​"

"​Jessica has been very helpful on my case. She promptly replies to all my emails phone calls and are very helpful with my questions. She makes me feel as if I do matter and that she only has my best interest at hand. That’s the best thing a lawyer can do for someone besides winning the case.​"


"​You all helped a lot. Everyone was very professional, and I was quite satisfied."