Hayley Silverberg

Senior Litigation Attorney

Michigan divorce attorney hayley silverbergMichigan divorce attorney Hayley Silverberg knows from personal experience the effect divorce can have on children and families.

The opportunity to help people throughout such a stressful experience and the chance to make the divorce process as smooth as possible is what led Ms. Silverberg to practice family law.

Ms. Silverberg joins Cordell & Cordell already with plenty of experience working for men’s and father’s rights. She spent four years practicing family law, abuse and neglect, criminal law and estate planning for a general practice firm and another year with a family law firm representing men in divorce and custody issues.

Those past experiences has taught her the most effective way to approach clients in order to guide them through the process.

“I’m always very honest and upfront with my clients when it comes to their case, ” Ms. Silverberg said. “I always listen carefully to my client’s goals and concerns with respect to their case.”

Ms. Silverberg understands how the complexities of divorce can overwhelm those not as well-versed in family law. She works diligently to help her clients understand each step of the process.

“I will educate my clients right up front about the issues facing them, what the current law is and what I feel the challenges will be,” Ms. Silverberg said. “We work together from the beginning of the case through the end of the case to obtain those goals for that client.”

Ms. Silverberg discusses the case that has most impacted her career. 

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Silverberg is licensed in Michigan.


Ms. Silverberg received her Bachelor of Human Kinetics from the University of Windsor. She earned her Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Silverberg worked for a small, general practice law firm for four years where she practiced in the areas of family law, abuse and neglect, criminal law, and estate planning. She also spent a year working for another for another family law firm practicing exclusively family law and exclusively representing men in divorce, custody, parenting time, support, and paternity cases.


Ms. Silverberg is a member of the Michigan Bar Association, the Lapeer County Bar Association, and the Livingston County Bar Association.



“You did what you said you would do. You explained everything from the beginning, and the results were exactly as you said; I really appreciated that. You worked hard for me.”


“I think communication has been fantastic, both with Hayley directly and the office itself. Any questions or issues I have, I get immediate responses within 24 hours. I have been very satisfied with the firm so far.”


“The first thing that caught my attention is how professional Hayley was with me. She passed no judgment on me and really listened to my story. Hayley communicated and listened well. She was very much behind me and my case and was understanding from day one. That was awesome.”


“Hayley Silverberg is simply amazing.  This is a very difficult time in my life, and one solid foundation of this whole process has been Hayley.  My only regret is that I did not connect with her sooner.”


“Overall, I was really pleased with Hayley’s conduct and how she handled my case.  She always responded right away.  Again, I was more than pleased with the service.”


“Hayley has given excellent advice [on] things I hadn’t even thought of myself.  I’m quite happy and satisfied with the representation.  The process has been slower than I thought it would [be], but that’s the other attorney.  All of my interactions with Hayley have been very helpful.”


“Hayley was extremely supportive and responsive.  I very much trusted her advice.  She provided a good estimation of how things would turn out considering what we were doing.  I think it was a good outcome.”


“Hayley definitely communicated everything very well and in terms I could understand. Overall, I think your firm does a wonderful job representing men. It was much appreciated.”

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