Grace Lay

Litigation Attorney

Greensboro divorce attorney Grace Lay comes from a divorced household, and although she was extremely young when her parents divorced, she has dealt with custody, child support, alimony, and co-parenting in her everyday life.

“I feel I bring a different perspective because I can see things through the eyes of the child,” Ms. Lay said. “I understand what is realistic in a custody arrangement because I have lived it.”

Dealing with family law can be incredibly difficult emotionally, but that is why Ms. Lay is drawn to it.

“As an attorney, you are there for someone during one of the toughest times in their life and are able to help them navigate and make it to the other side,” she said.

Ms. Lay is very approachable, and her clients typically feel comfortable opening up to her.

“This helps with having a conversation with clients and they don’t feel awkward and can describe situations in more detail and express what they are wanting,” she said.

When first meeting with a client, Ms. Lay always reminds them to breathe. She wants to be honest about the timeline and what they can expect.

“I think it is important to discuss the timeline but also discuss alternatives so they are prepared if we have to change up strategy or if a variable develops that causes a change in the case,” she said.