Gabriella Morillo Dority

Associate Attorney

Greenville divorce attorney Gabriella Morillo Dority is client-focused and understands what is at stake in each of her cases. A lot is on the line, and that drives her in each of her cases to put 100 percent effort into representing her clients.

“I enjoy getting to know my clients and providing them with the legal guidance they need to help them feel confident during every step of their case,” Ms. Morillo Dority said. “Family law is a rewarding area of law. I enjoy going to court and zealously advocating for my clients.”

Ms. Morillo Dority is determined, dedicated, and compassionate. But she’s also confident and prepares hard so that she knows the facts of each case in-depth.

“My clients can expect me to be transparent and honest during their case,” she said. “I make sure they understand that my role is to advise and lead them with their best interest in mind along with representing them in the best way possible. Knowing family law strategies is a major key to success in a case and I strive to take the most advantageous route possible in my cases.”