Elizabeth Roderick

Senior Litigation Attorney

Chattanooga divorce attorney Elizabeth Roderick has been through the divorce process herself and understands how daunting it can be, especially for anyone unfamiliar with the process who might be in a state of emotional and financial upheaval.

“I want to guide clients through that process so that they can come out the other side ready to begin a new life,” Ms. Roderick said.

As an attorney, Ms. Roderick believes there is a time and place for everything – a time to be aggressive, a time to be reflective, a time to be accommodating.

“It’s my responsibility to be mindful of that and determine the best approach to protect my clients’ interests and help them achieve their goals,” she said.

She wants her clients to know that practicing family law is a professional calling to her – not a business. She understands that what her clients go through is not just a case but their life and with that comes certain responsibilities.

“My clients should feel confident knowing they can always reach out to me, that they will always know what’s going on with their case, and that they are not alone in this process,” she said. “I will be there with them every step of the way.”