Drew Ashcraft

Associate Attorney

Richmond divorce attorney Drew Ashcraft pursued family law as a career because he takes great pride in helping people through difficult times in their lives.

“I am an advocate,” Mr. Ashcraft said. “I love putting myself between a client and their adversary – not only to protect their rights, but to also fight for their goals. When a client puts their trust in me, I do whatever I can to make sure they know I am fighting for them.”

Mr. Ashcraft is extremely passionate and puts in clients’ best interests first. Throughout his career, he has represented individuals going through some of the worst situations of their lives, but the one thing they knew was he had their back and would always go to bat for them.

“I look forward to helping ease the extremely difficult process my clients are going through with empathy, creativity, and passion while protecting them from a system that doesn’t always do its job,” he said.