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Dena L. Morgan

Litigation Attorney

Utah divorce attorney Dena L. MorganUtah divorce attorney Dena L. Morgan holds a strong belief that every person deserves a fair opportunity to parent their children and be a part of their children’s lives no matter their relationship status.

Fighting for that right for her clients is what she’s passionate about, and it’s why she chooses to practice family law.

“I am determined,” Ms. Morgan said. “When I know what I want, I will work hard to obtain it.”

Ms. Morgan has prior experience working in a number of practice areas. She’s worked on cases involving everything from intellectual property law to bankruptcy law. But practicing family law gives her the chance to help clients through what can be one of the most exhausting and painful experiences of their lives.

Ms. Morgan brings a practical approach to each case and is willing to work with the other side in order to reach a fair resolution, but she also always makes sure her clients understand where her loyalty lies.

“I tell my clients that I am on their side,” Ms. Morgan said. “I will try to work with the opposing side for a resolution, but I am always on their side and working for them.”

Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Morgan is licensed in Utah.


Ms. Morgan earned her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Brigham Young University. She received her Juris Doctor from Drake University Law School.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Morgan worked in-house for a computer software company practicing employment law, intellectual property law, immigration law, and utilities regulation law. She also previously worked for a law firm where she handled traffic cases and practiced criminal law, bankruptcy law, and family law.

Speeches, Seminars, & Publications

Ms. Morgan frequently contributes responses to Ask a Lawyer questions for DadsDivorce.com.



“Everything has been going great with Dena. She has been doing a wonderful job. I have used you guys in a previous state and was very happy there. … Dena is definitely holding up to [the] Cordell & Cordell standards that I have come to know.”


“After evaluating and visiting other law firms, I realized Cordell & Cordell was my best option. Because Cordell & Cordell is specific to this field, it was advantageous to retain with them. The feedback system they utilize is rare and provides clients with some control that I did not see in other firms. Dena’s comprehensive knowledge of men’s divorce and custody issues, with her compassionate personality, made her amazing to work with. She cares deeply about what is best for the children as well as the client, and that really sets her apart. From the beginning, Dena took everything into context to find the best possible solution and provide stability to the tumultuous situation, and that is a trait that is invaluable. I trusted her with one of the toughest experiences in my life, and she took care of me and my family.”


“Dena is on top of things for me; it is amazing.  Dena has me up to date on everything all the time.  I could not ask for a better attorney. Dena is my savior in this whole custody case.  I would have to say that Dena has done such an amazing job for me she has completely eliminated the stress. …”


“I think everything’s been going great. She tells me what I need to do, and I get her what she needs.  I know she’s busy, but she doesn’t drag her feet at all.  Last month we were waiting on my ex’s attorney, and I’m sure glad that Dena is not that way.”


“[Dena is] definitely a responsive attorney and really good. She tells me what’s going on and is really on top of everything, and I appreciate that.”


“She’s been very communicative and been very responsive throughout the whole thing.”

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